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  1. i was on tetravaslvyl( if im spelling that correctly lol) for 9 months, and then minerva and numerous other external products like differin, exfoliac etc
  2. well thank you for the responses:) accutane sounds like the way to go i hope it will work the same for me as others.
  3. hi im 'the innocent" and i have until tomorrow afternoon to give my dermatologist my final answe on wether or not to begin treatment on accutane. i know very liitle about this drug and thus have begun to do my reasearch and im comming accross some rather shocking stories which have scared me considerably HOWEVER i am only 17 years old and have been dealing with acne since the age of 12, i have been teased and bullied and my self esteem is somewhat....non existent due to this persistant acne prob