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    My Regimen

    Alright, Day One. The baking soda mixture stings a bit when applied, but it kind of reminded me of the way an astringent feels. So if it works the same way, but with less harmful chemicals, then I'm alright with that. I have decided, however, that I won't be doing it everyday. It's much to abrasive for that. As far as overall acne goes, I'm not feeling to great. There's an area on my chin that is just completely red. Not inflamed, no pimples, just flat, red skin. It's weird, really. Earlier th
  2. DanielG

    My Regimen

    Acne has never been much of a problem for me. Aside from an occasional pimple, my freshmen, sophomore and junior years were pretty much acne-free. But toward the end of my junior year, it usually went something like this: Perfectly clear skin for a week, big cystic pimple for a week, perfectly clear skin for a week, big cystic pimple for a week. It was weird, and I never really understood how that happened. Over the summer, though, things started getting rough. And at the start of my senior yea