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  1. Okay... so its now August of 2006 and I finished my accutane course in June of 2005 Over a year later and my skin is nothing short of perfect. Whenever I see someone with acne I want to tell them that I completely understand and to just take the plunge and take accutane. It really does change your life. Since taking accutane and regaining my self-confidence so many changes have occurred in my life. I'm more effective at my job without the preoccupation of looking in the mirror and fixing m
  2. Hey Everyone! I haven't been on in a few months... I've been OFF accutane since 6/06... so I guess about 10 months... and life is great. still no problems with my skin other then the occasional blemish, but nothing to get squirmish about. life is amazing since, I have my confidence back, i have my life back, and i'm finally living life the way i was supposed to. anyone considering accutane, DO NOT hesitate. my only regret is not taking it sooner xoxo katie
  3. I was considering microdermabrasion.. my skin still isn't perfect... but i think i've learned to live with my (minor) battle scars... i feel like my life has become so much fuller with things other then my skin that I don't worry about it as much... the best face cream i used while on accutane was oil of olay total effects (loved it!) and the best chapsticks were of course aquaphor... and i love rose salve (sold in bath and body works)... really the key is to find anything where the MAIN ingredi
  4. I'm glad my log helped people... i remember back when i was reading through logs trying to make the big decision.. anyway its now december 25th! Christmas... and I have been off for six months and still clear... i am thankful for everyday.. i swore to never be one of those people that don't appreciate clear skin!!! Feel free to email me... i have become a master of the best chapsticks and day and night creams.. even now people come to me for advice on chapstick....' Stay in touch!!! -Ka
  5. my red marks are all gone... they say it takes 6 months or so... be weary of the sun... that will slow the progress... make sure you use a sunscreen... GOOD LUCK!!! it will be wonderful! -Katie
  6. I haven't been back to update in quite a while... Well, its been FIVE months since I last took Accutane. The only thing I have to report is EXTREMLY clear skin . Flawless actually. I do not have one blackhead or blemish.... it is truly amazing. I remember when I would wonder if I would ever have the chance to see what I would look like with completely clear skin, and now I get to experience that EVERY day . I have ZERO remaining side effects of Accutane. God bless the inventors of this d
  7. I'm proud of you for make the brave choice to go on Accutane. I can not tell y ou enough how it has changed my life completely and made me SO much happier. It will be worth it. I promise... Here I am four and half months of being off of it and I'm still 100% clear! I do get one tiny pimple every month around the time of my period. But thats where it ends... and I'm not complaining about that! I don't think it ever got worse. I never really experienced and "initial breakout" I started c
  8. Okay so I'm about four months post-accutane... all is still wonderful... i have gotten the tiniest of whiteheads that disappeared within 24 hours this week. Probably due to that time of the month... lucky me! But all in all, I can leave the house with no make-up... all red marks have faded and accutane still stands as the best decision i have ever made in my life. I am a completely different person... full of confidence and happiest i've been in years... I continue with my "get-fit" progr
  9. For me... Accutane was AMAZING! My drug of choice. I've spent the last ten years trying every other prescription and OTC drug out there. I went on the scariest of antibiotics (Bactrim) and it helped... but my acne only became under control once I used Accutane! I have not gotten a pimple.. not even a little one since my 16th week... I've been off of Accutane for about two and half months and I'm still the clearest I have been since I was 12 years old. It gave me myy life back without a doub
  10. I was on Bactrim for 2-3 months before starting Accutane. Bactrim is a sulfur antibiotic that can REALLy fuck up your system. Its used as a last resort in the antibiotic category. But it works very well.. SIDE EFFECTS: headaches liver problems tarnishes any silver jewelry you are wearing (weird!) and a lot of people have a severe allergy to it that they can't test for most doctors would rather prescribe Tane then Bactrim... which is why I finally gave up and went on accutane... if i was gon
  11. NEW PICTURES POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK EM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO AND HALF MONTHS OFF OF TANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been using proactive face wash and a makeup base with salycic (sp?) acid and glycolic acid in it for BARE essentials... I do a detoxifying face mask every three days... and maybe use the proactiv repairing lotion once in a blue moon... I have been COMPLTELY clear since I stopped.. I just want to some stuff to help prevent it from coming back... The real test will be in oc
  12. hmmm about 2 months and then some post tane STILL NOT ONE ACTIVE PIMPLE SINCE I STOPPED.... amazing... living my life the way it was meant to be lived... tane is a miracle drug.... i saved me... i'll post pictures soon...