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  1. Restaurants and places supposedly using olive oil vinegaretts are actually using olive oil mixes, which are usually part olive oil and then some other nasty oil. It makes sense that olive oil might solidify partially at cold temperatures, considering it is something like 10% sat. fat.
  2. Personally, I digest starch fine and it does not make me breakout. I eat quite a lot of both regular and sweet potatoes (like every other day). I don't think they will cause a leaky gut. The only possible danger might be in the skin on the outside which contains some anti-nutrients. Remove that and you should be good. Potatoes might not be a good food to include if you already have a leaky gut, but if you are healed and have good bacteria, the starch shouldn't be a problem to digest.
  3. Even miley cyrus knows gluten sucks. Has anyone else noticed a super increase in the amount of gluten allergies around lately? Even in restaurants and stuff they are now carrying gluten free breads. I think eventually food scientists will figure out that gluten sucks.
  4. The nausea feeling is normal if you eat large amounts and have never done so. When I first starting having a lot of coconut, I had the same thing. You have to build a tolerance, starting with only a little and gradually increasing. That's weird that it would cause you to breakout though
  5. start by getting rid of legumes and nuts: walnuts, lentils, and chickpeas.
  6. I'd be far more concerned about peanuts than palm oil. Palm oil, like other saturated fats, is good for the skin
  7. You will probably eventually be able to have starch once your body heals from years of damage. I would start off with a quality probiotic to help heal your digestive track. That's weird about the diarrhea. If anything, it seems eating like you are would cure it. And I know how you feel because I have to adhere to a strict paleo diet to not break out as well. But, at least we will be healthier.
  8. -grains -seed oils -tomatoes -soy -too much sugar -not sure about dairy. I don't think I'm as sensitive since giving up gluten
  9. red meat IS my diet and my skin is nice now. GRAINS WILL FCK YOU UP
  10. ^ damn man, that must have been a LOT of fiber. What makes you say your intestines are 'torn up'?
  11. 1)grains 2) seed oils 3) nuts 3) dairy (i might be better now that my digestive system is somewhat healed. I'll have to reintroduce it soon)
  12. home made yam and regular potato french fries - coconut oil, potatoes, and taco seasoning yummm lots of beef, eggs, guacamole, a lot of shredded coconut, salad
  13. Maybe you said so and I didn't see it, but why do you only eat salmon and not grass-fed beef and/other meats? I doubt the lectins in eggs would give you any problems; you should try. That's interesting that spinach (and possibly olive oil) break you out. Doesn't evoo have vit E which prevents oxidization?
  14. This is why I take a Mg supplement. Something like 60%+ of the US is deficient.
  15. we really just need to have a sticky on this forum outlining the paleo diet. It will pretty much get anybody clear or at least help a lot. It would eliminate all of these 'is this okay?' posts too.
  16. I would be a lot more concerned about the antibiotics than the vicodin
  17. haha, lard on body? yuck. A lot of people have success with coconut oil while others have problems. I haven't tried it and am scared to . I think comedogenic (or however the hell you spell that) ingredients really don't matter when you don't have the inflammation to go along with it.
  18. CAFO meat definitely isn't as good compared to grass-fed, but that's hardly what is causing so many health problems. I'd say seed oils and grains are a way bigger factor.
  19. Yeah but, my Dad won't ever buy organic chicken because he's extremely stubborn and against 'special' food. So do you think I should just cut out meat completely then? Until I start my new job which will be in a few weeks. What about all the nutrients i will be losing from not eating meat, what would you say is best: Not eating meat and suffering nutrient deficiencies/lack of protein but staying away from antibiotic/hormone plumped chicken OR eating regular meat and getting nutrients and protein
  20. I'd say only drink liquors not fermented from wheat (beer and a couple others). Go for vodka (from potato), rum ( from molasses), or tequila (from agave, i think). And drinking once in a while, even beer, won't 'ruin' your progress.
  21. ^you should stick with it. Your body will adapt to burning fat instead of carbs as you include more fat in your diet. Coconut oil/milk/shredded coconut are all good, olive oil is decent, and lots of animal fats (from preferably grass-fed animals). Eggs are good too. If you feel you don't have enough energy, you can add more carbs (white potatoes and sweet potatoes are both good - just eat them with meat and fat). Avoid fructose completely for now (all fruit). Also remove night shade vegetables.
  22. Does anyone use this? It's a nutrition calculator sort of thing at cronometer.com. It's pretty sweet. You can easily enter foods, it totals all the vitamin and mineral percentages, calories, and everything. You can also enter exercise and stuff, although I don't really use that part. It's good to make sure you are getting adequate nutrients and to see where improvements are needed. You don't even have to make an account; just log in through facebook or yahoo.
  23. If I ate what I craved, it would be cinnamon rolls & grilled cheeses
  24. yeah, it could definitely be a symptom of candida die off. 2L!?!? jeez