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  1. Hi Isaac, from my experience I would say that one drop is a low dose and a good place to start, and I can't really see how you would start any lower than this. The best thing to do is take with filtered water and monitor your reaction - if you get a headache, fatigue and general malaise then stick at that does for a while and also consider doing salt flushes that help to push the bromide that is being detoxed out of your system. If you don't get any obvious symptoms, then ramp the dose up to two
  2. So, I have recieve some Lugols Iodine 5%. (JCROWS version) Anyway, I just wanted to know how I should start supplementing with it. I know that I should start off slow, but how does one start slow when regular doses are 1 drop. Also, when is it best to take it? and with what should I take it with? How often should I be taking doses, and should I start reducing after a while? Yes, I am not allergic to iodine and I most likely am defecient in it. Also, should I start drinking ro water. because
  3. Hey, Well, Im the thread starter. Have you looked into Fluoride in our water? Heres a link, this is just one of many. You can do you own research if you wish. Contrary to believe, their are studies out thier which show that fluoride may actually be bad for your teeth. Anyway heres the link. http://www.healthiertalk.com/fluoride-hoax-3100
  4. Ariventa, I feel personally that you are being naive. Look, Yes it is our responsibility to be healthy, that is true. But who's responsibility is it to teach us how to be healthy? To teach us what is good and what is bad for us. Our parents? maybe yes. And maybe it is THIER parents to do the same. BUT somewhere in the mix, we were influenced by the govt, because they want our money. Look, whether you like it or not, they are helping us make bad decisions. Unhealthy decisions. Not everyone has th
  5. Thank you Jofo, yes some feel it's hazardous, it does concern me and that's part of why I've bought four different kinds of iodine so far. I'm also still reading up on what works best for others. I have the brands Iosol, Atomidine, Liqui-kelp and Lugol's. From what I understand, Kelp types may have problems as well from contaminants and quality control. Lugol's seems to be the most widely used of the four. I've been reading a lot about Magnascent brand iodine. It's more expensive than
  6. Okay, Wow thanks for the replies. Was going to reply yesterday, but couldn't make time. Anyway, I am not a 100% sure how the system works and I don't know exactly WHO gets money from sick people. Of course doctors get paid, but they get paid not depending on the amount of sick people, so I was assuming it was like the government (who I'm pretty sure pays doctors). Anyway, regardless, what I'm trying to say it, someone/some group with lots of power and money, isn't giving a shit about people's h
  7. So, I just wanted to bring up the idea that The American government is trying to slowly, but surely kill us, or in less harsh words, make us sick. There are many things that point to this and I know many of you may already feel the same way, but I just wanted to share and hear some thoughts. When we are sick, the government makes money. HOW? simple. medication, health care, etc. And the government is (in my opinion) controlled by elites who are MONEY hungry. Look at the american economy, and
  8. how long did you take it for?? Also, kelp supplements (from what I know) aren't very consistent and are best avoided. Also, acne is a detox symptom and many people go through a detox when going on iodine supplenments. `If with the iodine, ur skin doesn't become dry, it means that you do need iodine supplements,
  9. That is most likely the reason, also, with fluoride in water supplys and in a lot of daily used items, iodine is more necessary. But, at the same time, I don't think ONLY low thyroid functioning individuals require iodine, but everyone (as long as there are no other conditions) should have the benefits. Think of it like this, one of the HEALTHIEST countries and cultures in the world are the Japanese and hence, they consume LOTS of iodine on a daily basis. Coincidence?? I think not. Tha
  10. I'm wondering is a protien product (hemp protein) would be negative, It does have fibers in it too, but its a clean natural protein, so would it not be okay to intake some hemp protein? Also, how about PB shakes and liver flushes? thoughts on those? And, would ev coconut oil be alright as a fat supplement?
  11. Im really interested in getting me some lugols, but where do I purchase it? at the local pharmacy?? Im in Canada btw,
  12. Hey, I have similiar reactions. Whenever I eat something, I usually get an itch around my mouth regardless of WHAT I eat. Wonder what it might be, what does ur diet consist of, maybe we can compare. Also, my itch is like on my face around my mouth on the skin, is yours INSIDE your mouth or like mine??
  13. Well, I am at a healthier dose of zinc and I am also taking small amounts of copper. So it is most likely not the Zinc but an iodine defeciency or a fluoride toxicity
  14. Okay, Dotty, I got a couple more questions. Anyone can help if they know the answer. So first, I couldn't find 5%, where do you get yours from? Second, The guy a couple posts earlier said there is a initial breakout, Is this true? Did you experience a IB? Because, I just upped my iodine intake (salmon, and a 2% tincture abosorbed through the skin) and I feel like I am going to be breaking out. Also, my skin is more oily, which I don't necessarily dislike because its not as dry skinned, but just
  15. I am not an expert on vitamins, but I think it is good that it is soy, gluten and lactose free. I notice it doesn't mention anything about being corn-free but you most likely aren't on any corn-free diet. Well, I dont eat corn directly, dont know if there are traces of it in foods I eat (most likely Not) Is the iodine levels adequate? its a lot less then you are taking.
  16. Hey, Dotty could you take a look at the multivitamin Im planning on taking and tell me what you think?? Thanks http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/now/mult...capsformen.html
  17. So how much lugols do you take. And Im thinking about taking a mutlivitamin with iodine so I can get a pretty good balance of ALL vitamins. What do you think. Heres the one Im thinking about. http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/now/mult...capsformen.html
  18. Yah, I looked into it, thanks. The symptoms seem severe and I feel like I have maybe low iodine. Which may affect my thyroid. I also eat LOTS of greens and I heard they limit iodine levels of something. Im planning on doing that iodine test. What iodine test? The greens you are talking about are called goitrogens. They are broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, soy, corn, gluten, canola oil and a few others (google the word goitrogens). They decrease the thryoid's functi
  19. Yah, I looked into it, thanks. The symptoms seem severe and I feel like I have maybe low iodine. Which may affect my thyroid. I also eat LOTS of greens and I heard they limit iodine levels of something. Im planning on doing that iodine test.
  20. Im taking supplements for zinc, vit d, vit c, and omega 3s. so its not that.
  21. Well, I find I'm really cold when I wake up. I also get hot flushes with like the needle poking thing and open my window, then I get real cold again and have to close it.
  22. Can someone really help me, I've asked SO many questions and I'm really sick of not getting help. This goes for so many of my posts..
  23. So, recently, I have been breaking out and having different symptoms. First. this is the basis of my diet, B-Fast Green Smoothie, made of Spinach and either kale or chard or collard. (2 large glasses) 1 Bowl Oatmeal w/Cinnamon 1 Egg Yolk Lunch Large Salad, Lettuce and Spinach Chicken Breast Bowl of Brown Rice Broccoli and Cauliflower Snack 3 Sweet Potatoes (steamed) 1 large glass green smotthie Dinner Rice Chickpeas Chicken Broccoli and Cauliflower I feel that the following is a very healt
  24. What is I have to have vitamins such as fish oil (which is best with food) How do you guys swallow the vitamin? and would water then be okay?
  25. I would like to know this too. I recently switched to Opti Zinc to get cut down on my zinc and Opti version (better absorption) I also heard that a little copper is good, but recently, I've been having some side effects. I've also been breaking out a bit more. I also feel it may be parasites for I have lots of parasites symptoms, In about 2 weeks I'll be doing a Parasite cleanse, If most of my symptoms disappear, I will inform you which will probably mean the Opti Zinc is alright. In