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  1. hey man, hows the treatments going for acne?

  2. ye candida is a pretty good way to go man! ive never tried it but ive heard good things but honestly its quite similair to paleo. if u want i can send you pics privatly LOL no homo. remember stick to your diet for atleast 30 days to see changes good luck and keep on truckin
  3. imo it's epic, keep it up! no your epic my friend...your epic. THANKJS lmfao
  4. lmfao thanks if you actually read all that you deserve a cash prize but since i dont have that ill send free online hugs. HUG. Also thast great! stick with it! BTW im feeling this ---> No dairy, no gluten, no soy, no processed food, no sugar (except for some fruit and maybe some honey) - Exercise (hello skipping rope!), sunshine daily, trying to keep my emotions under control!
  5. HOLY SHIT I JUST READ THIS! JUST TERRIBLE ENGLISH, GRAMMER, SPELLING AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE MADE ME LOL. MY favourite mistake is " My skin is steal healing i no longer break out....." im supposudly steal healing from being a theif, jokes lol wow what a bad joke. Its supposed to be still btw.
  6. Firstly excuse my spelling its disgracefull especially for a university student but hey its the internet so who gives a f*** lmfao. ive had acne for the last about ummmmm 3 years id say, and until recently it was pretty mild, however around october, november and december my face got bombarded with painfully big cysts and zits. it was a fucking mess LOL. i couldnt figure out what the hell i did wrong, i ate clean i took my vitamins and i worked out basically everyday washed my face properly twice
  7. lol thanks for your input :) glad to know i can come off as romantic :P and don't worry one day u will wake up with clear beautiful skin :)!

  8. I like your quote! No you dont sound gay you sound romantic. If I woke up one day with perfect sking I think I would probably pass out from shock lol. After that, who knows? I have never really thought that far. But it would definately be the best feeling.

  9. no problem i have this tendency of doing that to people LOL , oh im still on it lmfao i got 3 more months to go unfortunatly lol or fortunatly...? LOL and i still got alot of clearing up to do and i got some bad hyperpigmentation i have really sensitive skin so im not suprised i got some hyperpigmentation sucks but i just gota deal with it lol, ye i know tell me about this weather is ridiciulous alteast its nice and sunny yesterday and today i go to school in st. catharines at brock university
  10. Listen you gota stay strong, i know it seems hopeless at times and u just cant help but feel like shit, the problem is you me and probably everyone on this site is OBSSESSED with mirrors LOL seriously i know i take every opportunity and chance i get to look into the mirror in hopes of it magically looking better 30 minutes later LOL, well thats the problem! u always look in the mirror ull never notice the improvements, trust me just stay hopeful, stay away from mirrors and take pictures 2 times
  11. few tips drink loads of water, take fish oils and omega 3,6 and 9s for joint health and stay active and eat healthy, use vaseline for dry lips before bed time just smear a shit load! just wanted to point out i had the anxious feeling, but honestly its all in your head, dont make yourself think u have something cause of the accutane, to tell u the truth i avoid searching accutane side effects etc because i didnt want the idea of them in my head, so i wouldn't question whether i have the side effe
  12. Hey, don't worry your not alone im on day 60 today actually, i have dry lips and the most aching sore lower back ever, it sucks when you cant bend over to brush your teeth lol, and please no bending over jokes got enough of those from my friends when i told them my lower back hurts ROFL, i also head super sore joints and chest and ribs when i started, but thats all gone now thanks to what i do, anyways heres what you have to do number 1 drink loads of water i have about 5-7 bottles a day dependi
  13. YOUR AN AWESOME PERSON BUT BREAK FOREVVVVVVVVVVERRRR!!!! people who read this are confused lol.
  14. Very true! when you have something taken away from you only then in the absense of that thing you realize how much it meant to u, and how much you took it for granted however theres no point of being negative and sad about it, you just gota slowly work your way back to gettin it back, thats life sometimes you fall but then u just gota get right back up and exactly waht i say, we are our own harshes critics! we make it seem worse then it is!
  15. aww if theres one thing i learned in this life so far is NEVER say NEVER but i agree i know how you feel, remember you just gota keep positive and go with the fuck it attitude like i do! its tough somedays but keep happy, enjoy life i forgot about this post guys sorry for the late replies!