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  1. Hey! You can get panoxyl (spelling?) and benzac! I'm using benzac 2.5 from guardian! It's the best alternative.
  2. hey! Hang on alright! Currently, I have quite a few active zits on my face too
  3. hey! I've just started following the regimen about 1 week ago too! Now, it's the 2nd weeks alrdy! I actually had mild breakout on day 6 so I'm kind of afraid that another one will come hopefully both of us will see results soon!
  4. Hey, i saw some reviews on cetaphil lotion, many mentioned that it is very greasy and thick. I really hate looking shiny
  5. Ahh, congrats! I'm into week 2 alrdy and I'll definitely persevere on! May i know if applying insufficient moisturizer can cause more oil production?? cuz I'm have a really tight budget... I'm still a student! >.<
  6. Hey! So, how's ur skin lately? is it better??? Don't give up on ur log cuz there are ppl reading it! It's just that we dont really comment. Good luck!
  7. hello chucky666! Omg, your skin looks a lot better! ahhh, so jealous! HAHAHAHAH I hope mine will be as good soon! I had a sudden breakout a few months ago due to exams. Dont know why it is still not recovering tho my exam has ended quite some time ago i used to have clear skin. sigh, nvm, I'll perservere on!
  8. Hey! I'm almost into week 2 of the regimen too but there are still huge cysts popping out. Maybe it's cuz that i've stopped taking doxy. hmmm shld i cont taking it, twice or once a day? I hate how it screwed up my body system Hopefully they will subside quickly Good luck for urs and I'm going to follow ur log cuz both of us started at around the same time!
  9. I'm almost into week 2 of the regimen and i can conclude that flaky skin is definitely better than acne (maybe it's cuz that i have mild-moderate cystic acne). It's definitely better than huge and red bumps and i can just lie to others and say that I am sunburnt. LOLS! hmm maybe cuz I haven't seen the serious cases of peeling. My skin is flaky now and there're still new pimples growing out cuz I've stopped taking doxycycline. Hopefully new pimples will stop emerging after 1 or 2 more weeks! plz!
  10. Hey, I have ezcema prone skin too. It has been abt 1 week since I've started following this regimen. There are actually mild rashes along my jawlines. Hmm, I think it's cuz of the drying effects of BP? Just use more moisturizer lols.