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  1. My opinion is, yes it is okay. I called my derm the other day to go in and renew my prescription but they couldn't schedule me in on time because they had an emergency. She told me it would be okay because it stays in the system for 2 weeks at an effective level. People quite their course's and resume a lot, so I wouldn't see why not. Be sure to inform your doctor when you see them next.
  2. I have read several places that that Clinique Even Better is very effective. I haven't personally tried it, but as soon as I am completed Accutane I will be purchasing this. Also, I used to work at Aveda & I used their Enbrightment line, which helped a lot at the time, however the line is pricey, but they do have a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and masque that work's amazing! It was a good pick for sensitive skin, if you can afford it, try it out.