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  1. jataro

    posTANE month 5

    im off accutane 5 months now and im still happy with the result of the medication.. my lips are back to normal, my face is not flaky anymore.. not as hell dry as it was.. but my scars are really noticeable mostly on direct sunlight.. i have lots of it, but i think its just fine.. as long as there's no humongous stuff coming out of my face--im fine.. im not sure whats with the small pimples or zits coming out recently.. i sometimes have 2, now i have 5.. im not sure why im still having them.
  2. its my 7th month and i have 19 more pills remaining.. im still.. DRY! but its ok.. i think i have gone used to it.. my doctor and i decided to extend one more month of treatment just to make sure that the bad stuff dont stay... (hoping it really wont come back anymore.. ) my face is clear... i havent had a single zit for almost 2 months.. i just have persistent blushing (which is really annoying) i dont know where the blushing is coming from. routine: i wash my face twice daily with ceta
  3. jataro

    onTANE DAY 144 just BETTER

    thanks KC.. it made me feel better and worry-free.. im getting used to seeing my face like this though... hopefully, i wont have to go to that part where i'd grab a pen and start connecting the dots.. well, i guess updating my progress will get a little longer than expected..
  4. its 5 months already, and i have not suffered an explosion of acne since my first IB... im just scared that once im done with the treatment, they'll all go back and start ruining my face again.. im still on 20mg/day.. dry lips, no nosebleeds..and my period is still normal.. im just plain dry. im using neutrogena oil free wash.. and cetaphil moisturizer.. id usually get 2 dots of pimples during my cycle and thats it.. i couldnt complain more.. what else??? ah yes.. i have marks.. di
  5. i know its been a while since i last updated my blog... but here i am.. just back on track.. ok so now im getting better.. people around me are complimenting on noticeable changes.. like, my face is not really painful anymore.. no puss, no zits, no bumps.. nothing.. the only thing left are scars.. and i still have 3 more months on accutane still on 20mg dose.. and i think its working just fine.. im still dry.. my lips are still chappy.. my doctor is still positive with the result... just
  6. this winter season is giving my skin a hard time to heal.. i have to put on moisturizer from time to time... and it pays a lot of help.. the persistent itch has gone and im feeling so much better now.. im off antibiotics 2 weeks ago.. and the infection has subsided already... though sometimes ill be seeing bumps filled with pus and all i have to do is scratch it with gauze then put betadine on it and tomorrow it will gone.. now, im left with scars and just a few bumps.. i wouldnt have to hide my
  7. jataro

    1 week on Accutane

    hey monkeeeeeeee! im glad youre still good.. im still praying for our progress..
  8. jataro


    heeeey! thank you! well at least i can vent here and people can really give you good advise.. im done with doxy actually but but but.. im expecting myself to be in another round of antibiotics.. im just glad that they were able to check the problem... i just cant wait to be better.. PATIENCE is a virtue! (i hate this saying!) hahaha!
  9. i should be drying up by now.. unfortunately, my right cheek is a fresh meat! red and shiny and yeah, huge!!! ok,,, so im gonna be mentioning some things not normal for an accutane experience... 1. my progress is really slow.. and- is there a term much worse than breaking out? thats what im experiencing right now.. and yes im still positive about it.. still taking 20mg/day (a very low dose) and my face is really freaking out.. 2. i was on doxy last week, (because of an infection) i discus
  10. jataro

    Almost there!!!!

    welcome to the world of dryness.. LOL!
  11. jataro

    Day 96 - My back is (pretty much) clear!!

    ive been using roaccutane during my first month, then switched to sotret then curacne, but they all work pretty much the same, roaccutane here is just expensive.. we share the same problem, our temples being filled with acne.. but that should go as well.. and youre right, whining can really feel good MOST OF THE TIME.. i love whining too.. ill keep track of your progress.. goodluck!
  12. jataro

    I lied - Week 4

    im about to start WEEK 7 and my entire accutane experience is nasty. (til now) i hope we share the same optimism.. i think ive done something really stupid but im gonna talk to my derm about it after taking 2 pills of doxycyline i think im dying.. :Dim rooting for our progress accutane community..
  13. jataro

    Itchy face!!!

    i was itchy for the entire month, and im blaming it all on my moisturizer.. i had an appointment with my derm yesterday, and she said its a infection... so im on doxycycline right now..
  14. why would my derm prescribe doxycycline 10mg 2x a day for 5 days during my course if it says in the label that its not recommended? ok i get that antibiotics will kill the infection.. i already took 2 pills... now im scared if the doxycycline interaction with accutane is safe or that im putting myself in great danger..
  15. this is just an update.. i thought that i can resist from updating my progress every other day but here i am writing today's events regarding my accutane battle.. my day started worrying why my face cant handle the itch.. its been like this for a month.. and im so worried... before heading to work, i decided to have my blood tested and just maybe pay a visit to my doctor hoping that shed think of a miracle plan about my condition.. i was thinking that, this is just my breaking out