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    Okay, so after 8 years of struggling, stressing, & spending, I'm going to try something new.. I've spent probably thousands of dollars on hundreds of different products trying to clear up my acne. It's become an obsession, I'm obsessed with getting clear skin. I have never understood why I have bad skin because I take great care of my skin, it is pretty much my #1 priority to make sure my skin is taken care of properly every day. My whole day revolves around doing things for my skin (washing
  2. CharChar

    -Smoothes skin -Cheap! -When it dries, it snows all over you (try it, you'll know what I mean lol) I've tried the aspirin mask several & several times in the past 3 weeks. At first I used water, now I'm using Witch Hazel. I haven't gotten any new pimples since I've been using the mask & my face feels very smooth after every mask. So I will continue to use it.
  3. CharChar

    -Cheap -Dries up pimples -BURNSSS -Makes skin very red I only use this stuff when I get really bad pimples, because this stuff is hardcore. 10% BP is no joke, but for some reason this stuff seems even more powerful than any other 10% BP I've come across. When I put it on my pimples at night, wake up the next morning it is reddd red red, & this redness will last all day or longer. It will dry up your pimples after a couple of days, but I suggest you use a Q tip when applying it to y
  4. CharChar

    Does acne run in your family?

    Oh yes it most definitely runs in my family, on my mother's side.. & I curse her everyday for it!! lol, jkjk. My 3 other siblings also suffer(ed) from it. My oldest sister is 34 & she usually has a few pimples, & she has some scarring (but she didn't even start getting acne until she was in her late 20's). My other sister is 24 & she also keeps at least a couple on her face most of the time. & my brother is 26 & he gets some still occasionally. But both of them had it bad
  5. CharChar

    AHHHHHH what is going on????

    I don't think any of us can answer why exactly you're breaking out or breaking out in the areas that you are breaking out in. However I can reccommend that you try maximum stregnth Cortizone cream, which you can get at a drug store. I don't get many cysts but I got a bad one a couple weeks ago & it helped A LOT in just 2 days. It has also seemed to help with my pimples a little & scarring. Just put it on there before you go to sleep at night & if you can, cover it with a band aid, th
  6. CharChar

    -Helps fade acne scars. -It is inconvenient to have to apply 3 times a day, when you have busy days. I DO NOT use the gel, I used to but I hated that it peeled when I put on makeup. Now I use the Merderma cream with spf. It is a few dollars extra, but worth it. It goes on easier & I have no problems with it with my make up. I used Mederma before for about 3 months, & it did help, I'm just can't remember how much it helped because it was a long time ago. But I remember that it did h
  7. CharChar

    Asprin Mask.

    02/03/11 Well after reading many great reviews on the aspirin mask, I have decided to try it myself. I must say after reading all of these amazing reviews, if I experience anything less than a miracle I will be greatly disappointed lol. I don't think I saw even 1 negative review, so it's awesome that it has worked so well for others, & hopefully it'll work well for me too! I didn't read others directions very well, until after I had already applied my mask lol, but this is what I did; I t
  8. CharChar

    -Honestly, didn't really notice any. -BURRRNSSS. -Burrnss!! -SRSLY, it BURNS. -Itches. -Didn't notice any change in my skin. I used lemon juice (from the bottle) for my acne, but I was really hoping it would help with my red scars. I used it for 2-3 weeks & didn't notice a difference & I got tired of the horrible burning & itching so I discontinued usage. Maybe it would have made a difference to use a fresh lemon rather than lemon juice from the bottle, I'm
  9. I have very oily skin too, so I use milk of magnesia as a make up primer which helps amazingly. & powder definitely helps with the oil & shininess. I use physician's formula which has worked great for me. It covers well & it's (apparently) not as bad as other make ups lol.
  10. CharChar

    Accutane..should I stop now?

    You should tell your doctor. I understand that you really want your skin to be clear, but you have to do it in the safest way possible. Your doctor is on your side, tell him everything & together you will figure out what's the best & safest thing to do.
  11. CharChar

    -Made my huge, red, & painful cyst almost dissapear over night. None so far. So they say when you have a cyst to go to the dermetologist for a cortisone shot. Well I can't afford this so I figured I'll just put some cortisone cream on it & see how that pans out. I had a big ugly red cyst on my neck so I put some HC cream on it & a bandaid over it. When I woke up I didn't see much of a difference, & by nighttime it was bigger, redder, & so much more painful (but the make
  12. CharChar

    Milk of Magnesia?

    "oil slick of a face" lolol! Well I hear ya, I'm the same, suuuupa oily & suuuuupa aggravated! lol. I started using M.O.M about 2 months ago & I'm very pleased with it. It hasn't had any negative effects on my skin, & has definitely been saving me a lot of blotting sheets! lol
  13. CharChar

    Products for Oily Skin Control?

    I have very oily skin & using Milk of Magnesia has worked very well for me. Of course there's nothing that will keep the oil away forever lol, so I use this in the morning & blot periodically throughout the day. Maybe you could try applying a bit more of the M.O.M., the more you apply, the more oil it absorbs. As for the streaks & white chalkiness, as long as you rub it in really well you will be fine. & if you notice a streak just wet your finger a bit & rub it in. & you
  14. CharChar

    -None that I can think of. -Doesn't lather, its got a very awkward consistency.. -Skin doesn't feel clean after washing. -Hasn't made a bit of difference to my face. I've been using for about 2 weeks. I hate how my skin doesn't even feel clean after washing it. & it hasn't made my acne any better at all.
  15. CharChar

    -Dries up pimples -Inexpensive -Works fast -Pretty much the same color as my skin -None, really I started using this about a week & a half ago, & I'm pretty pleased with it. I saw results after the first night, I applied it to all my pimples before I go to bed & when I wake up I can tell a difference. It dries up my pimples, but not too much. It makes my new pimples go away pretty fast. It works faster than anything else I've used, & I'm just happy that it's workin
  16. CharChar

    -Dries up pimples -Can reduce redness -Can also worsen redness -Didn't really make my pimples go away. I've actually been using this product for about 2 weeks, & when it comes to a spot treatment, I usually expect for it to work much faster. Well, it's been 2 weeks, & it does dry out my pimples, & makes them flaky, but has failed to actually make them go away. Maybe if I use it for a few more weeks I may get some results, but my tube is almost gone, so I think I will try so
  17. CharChar

    -Makes skin feel clean I've been using this product for a few weeks now, & it does seem like a good product. I think it has helped my skin not produce more pimples, but it hasn't really helped my existing ones go away.