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-Smoothes skin -Cheap! -When it dries, it snows all over you (try it, you'll know what I mean lol) I've tried the aspirin mask several & several times in the past 3 weeks. At first I used water, now I'm using Witch Hazel. I haven't gotten any new pimples since I've been using the mask & my face feels very smooth after every mask. So I will continue to use it.

By CharChar,

-Cheap -Dries up pimples -BURNSSS -Makes skin very red I only use this stuff when I get really bad pimples, because this stuff is hardcore. 10% BP is no joke, but for some reason this stuff seems even more powerful than any other 10% BP I've come across. When I put it on my pimples at night, wake up the next morning it is reddd red red, & this redness will last all day or longer. It will dry up your pimples after a couple of days, but I suggest you use a Q tip when applying it to your pimple so you can put a small dab on, that way the redness will only be a tiny little dot instead of a big one, which can easily happen if you apply with your finger. I can't say I recommend this stuff, because even though it will dry out your pimples, it literally does burn your skin, & has given me chemical burn that is very painful. So be careful with this stuff, start out with very little & see how your skin reacts to it before covering your face in it!

By CharChar,

-Helps fade acne scars. -It is inconvenient to have to apply 3 times a day, when you have busy days. I DO NOT use the gel, I used to but I hated that it peeled when I put on makeup. Now I use the Merderma cream with spf. It is a few dollars extra, but worth it. It goes on easier & I have no problems with it with my make up. I used Mederma before for about 3 months, & it did help, I'm just can't remember how much it helped because it was a long time ago. But I remember that it did help, I just had to quit using it then because I couldn't afford it! lol. But now, I'm back on it, have been for a little over a month & I think it has helped. Most of my scars are really old, so I will continue using for some more months (if I can continue to afford it! lol) But I know for a fact it does help, so I do reccommend it.

By CharChar,

-Honestly, didn't really notice any. -BURRRNSSS. -Burrnss!! -SRSLY, it BURNS. -Itches. -Didn't notice any change in my skin. I used lemon juice (from the bottle) for my acne, but I was really hoping it would help with my red scars. I used it for 2-3 weeks & didn't notice a difference & I got tired of the horrible burning & itching so I discontinued usage. Maybe it would have made a difference to use a fresh lemon rather than lemon juice from the bottle, I'm not sure. I've started using Mederma cream in hopes that will work since I've used it before & it helped.

By CharChar,

-Made my huge, red, & painful cyst almost dissapear over night. None so far. So they say when you have a cyst to go to the dermetologist for a cortisone shot. Well I can't afford this so I figured I'll just put some cortisone cream on it & see how that pans out. I had a big ugly red cyst on my neck so I put some HC cream on it & a bandaid over it. When I woke up I didn't see much of a difference, & by nighttime it was bigger, redder, & so much more painful (but the make up I used to cover it up probably didn't help! lol) Well anyways, I did this again that night, HC cream & covered with a bandaid, & like I said by this time it was HUGE. Well I woke up this morning & it's a freakin miracle. The swelling has gone almost completely down, isn't red anymore, & isn't painful. I am doing the HC cream again today & tonight & I'm really hopeful that this thing will be completely gone by tomorrow. & after reading all these reviews ... Read More

By CharChar,

-None that I can think of. -Doesn't lather, its got a very awkward consistency.. -Skin doesn't feel clean after washing. -Hasn't made a bit of difference to my face. I've been using for about 2 weeks. I hate how my skin doesn't even feel clean after washing it. & it hasn't made my acne any better at all.

By CharChar,

-Dries up pimples -Inexpensive -Works fast -Pretty much the same color as my skin -None, really I started using this about a week & a half ago, & I'm pretty pleased with it. I saw results after the first night, I applied it to all my pimples before I go to bed & when I wake up I can tell a difference. It dries up my pimples, but not too much. It makes my new pimples go away pretty fast. It works faster than anything else I've used, & I'm just happy that it's working. I'm pretty sure it will make all my pimples go away, slowly but surely.

By CharChar,

-Dries up pimples -Can reduce redness -Can also worsen redness -Didn't really make my pimples go away. I've actually been using this product for about 2 weeks, & when it comes to a spot treatment, I usually expect for it to work much faster. Well, it's been 2 weeks, & it does dry out my pimples, & makes them flaky, but has failed to actually make them go away. Maybe if I use it for a few more weeks I may get some results, but my tube is almost gone, so I think I will try something else.

By CharChar,

-Makes skin feel clean I've been using this product for a few weeks now, & it does seem like a good product. I think it has helped my skin not produce more pimples, but it hasn't really helped my existing ones go away.

By CharChar,