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  1. For me personally i've found that acne around my mouth is usually cause by poor dental health.
  2. Try doing a Gut Test from a company like Viome or Thorne. It will tell you what foods to eat and avoid based on your gut's specific makeup.
  3. I am 29 and have had acne for over 15 years. I've tried everything: accutane, doxycycline, proactive, acne.org regimen, other OTC's, supplements, food sensitivity tests, blood tests, vitamin & mineral deficiency tests, and cutting out (individually) every type of food group you can think of. I've had limited success with some of these things. Accutane cured my body acne, but not my face. Doxycycline cleared me up, but acne came back immediately after stopping and the long-term antibiot
  4. See a naturopathic doctor. The antibiotics may have messed up your gut, enabling a yeast overgrowth.
  5. find a naturopathic doctor. they will give you tests to help determine the root cause of your acne. If you've ever taken antibiotics, chances are that your gut has an overgrowth of yeast. This is what was causing my acne
  6. I also took the food sensitivity test with my naturopath, along with a nutrient deficiency test and a GI map test. The GI map test was the most telling for me, as it revealed a yeast overgrowth in my gut.
  7. See a Naturopathic doctor. Normal derms/doctors are never helpful when it comes to acne. Also, if you do choose to take vitamin D, get the Liquid form, not capsule.
  8. Quick note on Vitamin D3: Take this in liquid form with Vitamin K2. A brand called Ortho Molecular Products makes it. D3 needs K2 to take full effect. Also, D3 is not ment to go through the digestive system, so pill form is no good. I was taking 5k IU in pill form for 3 months, then took a vitamin deficiency test and still tested as deficient.
  9. I find that breakouts around my mouth are tied to my dental health. Brush your teeth after every meal and floss every night. I'd recommend switching to a flouride-free and sls-free toothpaste. Whenever i don't brush for a few hours after eating, i usually breakout around my mouth.
  10. The antibiotics are likely messing up your gut and causing yeast overgrowth. Try taking Oil of Oregano softgels while quitting sugar and gluten. If you see improvements, your acne is being caused by yeast in the gut. You can take a GI Map test for about $180 and it will tell you exactly what is wrong in your gut. Best to see a Naturopathic doctor that offers this test.
  11. O Wow

    Acne at 38

    If you've taken antibiotics in the past, it's possible that your acne is caused by excessive gut yeast. I took a GI map test and found this to be the case for me. I've been taking antimicrobial supplements (along with candida diet) since and my acne has reduced greatly.
  12. Forehead acne is tied to digestive issues. Have you ever taken antibiotics? Long-term antibiotic use primes the gut for yeast overgrowth. You can take a GI Map stool test to see if you have yeast/parasites. Maybe try lowering your gluten & sugar intake (even fruit) and taking oil of oregano supplements. If you see improvement, you probably have a gut yeast overgrowth.
  13. Through a naturopathic doctor and some tests, I've found that my acne is caused by gut yeast, which developed due to my prolonged antibiotic use years ago. I take a few supplements and avoid sugar/gluten/dairy and am pretty clear now.
  14. you may want to look into a GI-Map test to see if you truly have a yeast overgrowth and/or parasite. They are about $180.
  15. Try switching to a Vegan, gluten-free diet. See if your parents will take you to a Naturopathic doctor instead of a dermatologist. The Derm will only perscribe you stuff to treat the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause. Do NOT take antibiotics. I took Doryx for a year and now have fungi/yeast in my gut.