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  1. i've been doing the acne cure for about 2.5 weeks now. It's working great, my acne has decreased from about 4 zits per week to just about none. But the pores on my chin have been looking like little tiny bumps. You know, it really reminds me of the first few weeks on accutane before everything clears up - i think it's really the plugs finally surfacing, and so i actually like it and I'm hoping i'm on the way to really clean pores...
  2. i just wanted to say i've been doing the acne cure for about 2.5 weeks and got my first zit today. But I think it will be gone tomorrow. This is compared to before (with BP alone) when I would get several per week. I am quite confident that it is working. And I can also say that in southern california, Walgreens has the generic AHA (it took me a while to find, it's a white bottle with a black cap)
  3. Prompted by the posts on this board, i started acne cure about a week ago , and the results look pretty excellent so far - i haven't gotten a single zit and I haven't noticed any redness or anything. I was using dan's regimen for several months and never had a week without a zit. So i'll cross my fingers and hope it's not just coincidence. I'll keep you all updated. Also I really like the fact that on the acne cure i don't have to have BP on my face all day and night. And it takes less ti
  4. Hey dan, others: Has anyone else tried "Purpose Intensive Daily Moisturizer" (http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=73296&catid=21513)? It seems to have all the properties we want (non-comedogenic, sunscreen), but it feels much nicer on my face than the other ones I've tried (Purpose Dual treatment, neutrogena Moisture, Eucerin AHA). Is there anything else i should look out for in a moisturizer? Maybe this one is a little more expensive. Dan, any chance you could give me th
  5. Dan or anyone else: I noticed that dan puts so much emphasis on not touching or irritating the skin, and that made me wonder if there may be some kind of connection between acne and how one sleeps. When I sleep on my side, my face is in constant contact with the pillow, rubbing against the pillow cover and whatever oil/dirt/sweat might have accumulated there. Do you think this could cause minor irritation? If I slept on my back , my face wouldn't contact the pillow at all. I've always
  6. I am trying it only at night, simply because I don't like the feeling of stuff all over my face during the day. In the morning, I was with a 10% BP wash (Oxy brand) - and hope that this gives me a good enough dose of BP. -ben.
  7. Hey Abby, I'm new here - yours is the first log that I've looked at. It's really cool to watch your improvement in progress! Your skin is definitely looking quite good and I hope the improvement continues! I wanted to ask you , have you ever been on or considered accutane? I don't really know how people on the board feel about it - maybe others wouldn't consider your acne severe enough to mess around with accutane. But when I was your age , my acne was about the same as yours. I went on
  8. Hey guys and gals, Before I found this website, I had been washing for several years with 10% BP wash (Oxy brand, I think) twice a day. I found that it worked pretty well at controlling my acne, but not well enough. So I'm switching to Dan's regimen - I've been on it a bit over a week now and it seems to be working fine, except hard to really know because I don't get breakouts every week (I only have mild acne ever since I took accutane over 10 years ago) Anyhow, I was wondering if anyon
  9. when I was a teenager (more than 10 years ago), I went to the dermatologist for a while, and I remember that one of the things they did was basically pop my whiteheads. They would prick with a very fine needle, and then use suction to get the pus out. Do they still do that? Luckily, when I was about 20 I went on accutane and it totally did the trick. Mild acne came back about 4 years later, but it's never been like it was before accutane.
  10. just another affirmation. I've seen those squigly things and I don't often get zits on my nose.
  11. Has anyone tried variations on the regimen that only include the full benzoyl peroxide / moisturizer treatment at night, and then some kind of benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning? I just found this website recently and haven't switched to Dan's regimen yet - up until now I was using 10% benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning and at night, but it isn't working quite well enough.