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  1. The two may be related, but I didn't intend to link them: pH: My limited understanding is that BP preparations are basic. Presumably the effectiveness would change if the pH of your skin changed. Does anyone have evidence supporting or disputing this? I used to use a vinegar rinse on my face and I'm curious if that would affect the BP. Duration: How long does BP work for? I mean, if I put it on at noon, how long until it has no more oxidative capacity. I don't know if 'half-life' would b
  2. I suppose this is a product question. Although it's not regimen specific.. the regimen does say to allow your face to dry fully prior to applying treatment. Why? It seems that the more moisture your skin is retaining, the greater the absorption. True? If so, how does benzoyl peroxide's mechanism of action vary. Does it oxidize faster or does it do so at the same rate, only with stronger penetration? I'm mostly just curious but in my personal experience, instruction compliance is correlated w
  3. I completely agree with Minty. I'm pretty sure part of the reason for layering versus mixing of treatment and lotion is to allow for better absorption.