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  1. Day 66 Its been quite awhile since my last post. Honestly, not a lot has been happening with my skin these past couple weeks. Its still looking pretty good. MUCH better than three months ago, before I started taking Accutane. I had my regular bloodwork/check-in with the derm last week. She said that everything looks good and that I should continue to see improvements. I'm still projected to be done at 120 days, which means I'm over halfway there now. Woohoo! And she kept me at 60mg of Amne
  2. Day 44 Its hard to believe I'm already more than six weeks into my treatment! Time is flying. After my dosage was upped two weeks ago from 40mg/day of Amnesteem to 60mg/day, my skin went a little haywire. I started the higher dosage on day 31, and I would say that days 34 to 40 were fairly bad. I got some new actives around my eyebrows and on my chin. And, but of course, the horrible dryness and peeling from the first couple weeks of my treatment came back big time. I also started to
  3. Day 32 Well, I've made it through the first month of my Accutane course! And I have to say, it really hasn't been as bad overall as I feared. The worst thing has been the dryness and the sleep problems. Otherwise, I hardly notice that I'm on it anymore. I had my first check-in with my derm two days ago. My dosage has been upped from 40mg/day of Amnesteem to 60mg/day, which is apparently the maximum dose for my weight. The derm told me to expect to be even dryer, especially for the next cou
  4. Day 22 Hi guys! Just a quick update. Not much has changed since my last post. I've gotten a few new smallish zits here and there. The weird thing is, they're in places I usually wouldn't break out. One of them, for example, is about an inch under my left eye. I don't think I've ever gotten a zit under my eye in my life, but yet, my chin (which is my typical breakout zone) is doing quite a bit better than usual. Hmm. So, I went to the dentist today. Let's just say that between my dry, chapp
  5. Don't worry too much about the oiliness returning - it will go away again soon! My face seemed less oily the first few days I started taking Accutane, and then during the second week, it broke out and was red and oily. I was very down and frustrated around days 10-14. Now, I'm starting my fourth week, and its not very oily at all! Still breaking out a bit, but hey, I'll take the good with the bad. Keep your head up Things will get better! -Liz
  6. Hi, Ben! I agree with Monkeeee You're not alone! There are a lot of people blogging on here that are going through the Accutane process. You've already made it through two months, and like you said, the first two are often the worst for many people. So just think, hopefully the worst is behind you and you'll start seeing improvements soon! Hang in there and don't get discouraged. Keep thinking of the light at the end of the tunnel! Good luck and enjoy your winter break. Thanks for your comment
  7. Day 20 Nearly three weeks into my Accutane journey. Time is actually going pretty quickly! And I'm hopeful I'll be out of the worst of it before long. Not a lot of change since my last post. One GOOD thing I've been experiencing is a decreased amount of oil production. My skin is much less oily. Typically, I apply powder to my face probably six-ten times per day to keep the shininess at bay. Recently, I've only applied powder a few times a day. My hair is also usually an oily mess by the
  8. Thank you for this post! Its inspiring to hear encouraging words from someone who is further along in the treatment process And I'm so happy for you that things are going well! My dosage is going to be upped from 40mg to either 60 or 80mg at the end of the month, and I'm nervous and going through all of the initial side effects again. Its good to hear that yours came and went fairly fast with the increased dosage.Happy weekend! -Liz
  9. BobcatGirl

    3 WEEKS!!!

    I've been tempted to use a Biore pore strip, too! But my skin is so senstive right now, I feel like it will pull my skin right off along with the blackheads Good luck if you do decide to use one - let us know how it goes! And congrats on hitting the three weeks mark! You'll be done with your first month before you know it. Yahooo! -Liz
  10. Hey there! Thanks for posting and keeping track of your progress. I just got started on Accutane recently, too. (I am a 29 y.o. female and am on day 16). So far, so good. Its been really helpful to be able to come on acne.org and read other people's blogs - I don't feel so alone! We can all help each other get through this process. Good luck getting started and keep us updated! -Liz
  11. Sorry you've broken out again, but that's good news as far as your skin not being oily and your makeup lasting all day! Trust me, I know how it feels to have to re-do your makeup constantly due to oiliness. Not fun! I hope things keep looking up for you. Good luck with wrapping up your finals!
  12. Day 16 Things have been better the past couple days. Whew! Forehead breakout is gone. Chin breakout turned into a flaky mess and is almost gone. The only major zit I have at the moment is a fairly large cyst (about as big around as a penny) on the right side of my chin/jawline. My hair covers it somewhat, though, which is a relief I've only gotten one new zit since last Friday - a painful whitehead near my lower lip that is now almost gone after just one day. I've been feeling more posit
  13. Hi! Good luck getting started on your course! I've just recently started as well, and so far Carmex has worked wonders for my lips. Definitely keeps the dryness at bay. -Liz
  14. Hi! Glad things are going well for you! It sounds like you're starting to see some good progress :)I, too, am supposed to be bumped up from 40mg to 80mg next month. Keep us updated as to how it goes! Good luck!
  15. Glad things are going well for you so far! I'm only a few days ahead of you (day 12). Its good to know there are others going through this process at the same time as me. Nice to feel that I'm not alone. Have a great weekend!! -Liz