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  1. oh well thats comforting hahhaha NOT! haha im so nervous to go on it!!!!
  2. awe thanks! I know three people who have been on it but they don't really want to share with me...i don't know, its weird, so thanks for helping me:)
  3. thank you so much! i really appreciate it! I don't use a toner but i just wanted to make sure I wasnt supposed to or something. I'm getting reallllly excited because I start Accutane in 19days! I know its gunna suck for like 3months but whats 3months of torture for a lifetime of clearskin!
  4. so what exactly do i use then? a moisturizer if i feel dry on my face chapstick for my lips and what kind of facewash? and can i or should i use toner?
  5. hmmm..thats good to know. haha thanks:) Any more advice for when you're on accutane?
  6. yea its not that i let the acne control my life because i still go out and have a good time and don't think about my face. but i have cystic (sp?) acne and it's painful. That's why i can't take it anymore is because I'm in pain and thats why I want it to be cured! But yea if you find out from your dr. what kind of lotion or moisturizer to use that would be so helpful! thanks for all your comments!!
  7. So this Friday I go to the dr. to get prescribed to accutane! I'm excited for the final product because I've heard good things but I've also heard horrible things. I'm seriously sick and tired of my acne. It's underneath the skin and it's painful! I'm tired of having my oily skin too! Do any of you have any ideas of what I should do while being on accutane because I hear it dries you out so badly!! I'm nervous but I know that it's what I have to do to eventually get perfect skin for the rest of