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  1. i found a few years ago that some stuff i was using in my hair caused breakouts on my scalpline...so anyone out there with similar problems should maybe give their gel a switch or a rest. by the way, anyone use gel that gives the "wet" look throughout the day? the stuff i use now works good, but dries out right away. fire back with your products...
  2. My skin has been doing real well for a while now, and now I was thinking about cutting my BP use down to just once a day. Anyone try this/currently do it? How'd it go? I have found proper application is my key to success. But I am tired of having white lines on my face at work, and the dry feeling. If anyone out there only puts in on once a day, when do you use it- AM or PM? Sleep is key to me too. I also used to eat a ton after lifting, trying to get bigger, but I think that made me
  3. are there any other prescriptions that anyone would recommend over accutane, or is that pretty much the top acne prescrip out there?
  4. Hi Everyone, I have been on Dan's regimen since around June with mixed results. Some streches of great clearing, alot of streches that were like they were prior to the regimen - and I've followed it so closely. I'm 23, and I wouldn't say I have BAd acne...but I generally have one to two pimples on my face - always either on the upper part of nose or low forhead area. This has been the general case since I was 18 or so. I am now growing very very tired of acne. Even just the one or two pimp
  5. hey folks, dan, i wrote a while ago about some of the trouble i was having with my skin, after being on the regimen since june or so. it helped, but i was still having too many breakouts...and i think i know why - working out. i read everything about acne, and most people (i think including you) feel lifting weights shouldn't affect acne, but i think for me, it must. i had been lifting pretty seriously and my skin grew worse and worse, seemingly the more i got into my lifting routine. rece
  6. hey everyone... i've been using the regimen since about july. i am 23 and use the purpose soap. initially it really helped. over the past few weeks however, it has been less effective. here are some things i think may be leading to the ineffectivness: 1) i don't get a great amount of sleep. 2) i work out alot, and for some reason link this to acne, although iv'e read on here that that is not the case. 3) i do not use moisterizer any longer. i did in the first few weeks, but it wo