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  1. Oh Ash you're still here, I'm yet to check out your log. You're such a darling for responding to all our queries. "Sigh†Anyway here's my story... I was on this regimen for three months at first I noticed GREAT results then two months in I started waking up with at least 2 little pustules on my cheek, they would disappear within a day but they'd leave little red spots that would take eternity to disappear so 2 weeks ago I caved in and washed with my Clinique Blemish control face wash, My ski
  2. Thanks Ash! I hope things get better for us all. I haven't visited here for a while so I got a whole lotta stalkage to do on your skin log.
  3. I haven't been keeping count of the days, but I'm thinking I'm on my 3rd week. I has a sad. It was working out just fine for me but now I'm breaking out on my chin and a little on my forhead I never, EVER had chin acne and rarely broke out on my forehead. I think this Humid Australian weather isn't helping either. First two weeks were okay I wasn't too oily so I stayed away from rinsing but now I splash a little water on my face and pat gently with a clean towel. Prior to taking up this regi
  4. Day 4 without washing my face. Tone is noticeably better. Face has no new pimples. Stopped washing with water, I've noticed washing just magnified the dead skin. Face feels pasty I want to wash but must resist! I'm worried about hanging out this weekend, might just stay in and complete assignments. It's really heating up in Sydney I wonder how my skin will react. I've been indoors and avoided the heat since starting this regimen. Going to quit shampoo and conditioning my hair.
  5. Month and a half, Woooooh you go girl! I hope I can go that long. "sebaceous filaments" Hahaaa I had no idea what that was till today. Btw Thank you for your swift reply.
  6. Hmmm..... My cheeks are the same. After I read this, I wondered I should drop the Vaseline. I think I'll keep it for the winter flakes, but I really don't want to mess my face up because I'm almost 100% clear! I still can't believe NOT washing my face would solve my products. Hi Greengurl! What day are you on? Is your skin flaky? My lower cheeks is my only problem area. It's where all the exfoliation and OTC products are used most. I'm thinking drop the vaseline coz it'll just clog your
  7. This forum is addicting! Waterwater's theory kinda makes sense, I've noticed my affected areas (cheeks) are the places I overwash and I sometimes scrub the crap outta my face. The blemishes/scars take forever to heal and the thought of letting it be, to heal on it's own accord makes complete sense. I have a friend who has gorgeous glowing skin and she only ever washes her face with water. So I thought why not give this a shot... I'm on day 2 with this NOT WASHING MY FACE FOR A MONTH trial and