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  1. I had the exact same experience when I started. First week was awesome, but the next few not so great. Also I say 5 months, it didn't take that long before I saw results after about 2 months it looked better so I knew it was working just still had some redness and still getting a few pimples. Keep with it, it really works!
  2. It look awhile but I am really glad I stuck it out. My face is so smooth and I really have no active acne. My acne was moderate. I forgot my face could look this clear. Thank you Dan! Nothing worked for me as good as the regiment. Some advice: Be patient and stick with it. I had the drying and redness. When it got really bad I would just skip one application and moisturize. I still skip one application a week maybe just to keep things moist. That seemed to help. My adams apple was kinda red f
  3. I have been using Max Clarity for about 5 months now and I don't remember the last time my face looked so clear. I look back at photos and I am amazed at the difference. I would give it three months before you dismiss it. I've also made some changes in my lifestyle( more exercise, eating better) but I really believe it was the Max Clarity that made the biggest impact. I used to get really deep red pimples that would last for months, now I rarely get one. I don't even remember the last time I pop