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  1. I currently using the old regime of the apple cider vinegar with slow progress it works but has slowed down and i need something stronger! I want to use the TCA stuff, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid! but have seen from other people posts that you have to use some sort of combo perparating, so it seems less simple than i first thought! Has anyone got some advise or experiense on the peels and as this would be my first time which one should i use! I dont want a strong method with big down time i
  2. elicina - that stuff suppost to be a scam, thats been posted way back when i first joined. people have found that it works but when you stop using it all the effect ware off! has there been a new discovery that i dont know about? p.s. whats happened to the board and whats happen to maya? everything has changed up!
  3. well i have and do use aloe vera but buy the fresh leaf. honey i expect it bit too sticky to use on its own but i put manuka honey into my aloe vera then i blend it up. Dont put too much honey makes it sticky. Very good moisturiser!
  4. hi maya, nice to here from you again! u seem very busy these days! thanks for the reply! any chance wen i read through all of that post that it will tell me where i can get the stuff from. And from london. peace!
  5. ur booty make me go bump bump bump!
  6. this post still get reply! slowed down hasnt it. long time gota say since i seen this bit. reading through, making meself laugh, lol. good to see people still trying this vinegar. nice peace!
  7. hello everyone! havent posted for quiet a bit! wanted some advise on shallow scaring if you be kind enough. bet i get no reply. bet i be one of those one post subjects. lol ok can anyone advise me for shallow scaring like using some kind of peel? nice one that has worked for other people and perferly one that aint going to take my head off please. or can any one redirect my call to another post. just copy paste the link. thanks people if anyone. peace!
  8. nice to see people sharing! maybe liz hurley is on this board wid us getting a few tips! iam sure scaring can be delt wid, wid the right loving tender care it can be done! jus gota find the thing dat make ur skin feeled loved! wink wink! i meant treatment dirty people! u make me sick! wat kind of minds, scum i tell ya scum! lol peace!
  9. well maybe everyone has scars aswell!da whole world skin or within! well at least this shows scars shouldnt stop anyone from doin anything! peace!
  10. well maybe its becoz where ever she goes she will be known so if she does get it removed it will be all over the front page! maybe she didnt want anyone to know which mean she couldnt turn to anyone to get that help!
  11. lemon thanks for ur post jus wanted to know wether u knew how long she used the vinegar/lemon method for????
  12. maya can u up date on ur mates scaring da one who gave u da vinegar lemon treatment! and can u let me know how long she is/was using it for by now? jus wana know how long portentional 100% results can be achieved and how patient i should be with vinegar untill i should be looking for some other type of method to treat my scaring! peace! o! by da way i wrote this saying maya, it was suppost to be lemon show's how long i aint posted for on forum!
  13. listen fat_man, u believe a movie dat been made by another human. Suddenly u believe in god. u on drugs? who said god was a man? we dont no how god looks simple as dat. another thing dat u have excepted from da sheep herders! peace!
  14. lol yes i laughing at u fat_man u said u would believe if jesus come to and talk to u! i dont believe dat for a sec! c ur image of jesus might not be da true image wat if a black man wid locks come to u and said iam am jesus. u wouldnt believe it for a sec. and if i cum to u and hello iam jesus u believe i am? it funny how ppl believe wats on tv or da news or even in da papers but cant believe wats in acient holy books! so dis chris wat his religion he created! listen
  15. well to start wid who said heaven was white fluffy cloud place dat jus wat da media protray!Pete if u believe dat den, i would question ur sheepability. and suicide is a sin and u would go to hell no mater how much of a saint u mayb! simply becoz only god should be given da power to take ur life away and god has given u life. in my religion it is said we should be thankful dat we have been given life and dats it! but still we ask for more food, oxygen, cloth, water etc. as we need fo