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  1. Man this thread brings back many memories @ninjectionglad to see you doing this. Ive been trying to do this on and off for the past 8 years. Although now i do it for different purposes because my acne cleared now probably cuz puberty is over. (i feel old now) Anyways Day 1.
  2. Hey guys remember me? Its been a while and so much has happened ever since i stopped posting. But time really flies by before you even know it. I look back at all my posts in the past. Boy do i sound like a goof. Haha i want to write so much but i just dont know where to start. But unfortunately i'm not happy with myself atm. I feel like im on a decline
  3. I had the exact same problem as you in my past relationship which ended a few years ago. The girl I was with had flawless skin. As for me I had a little bit of acne, but not too servere. Eventually i started to become obssessed with my skin to the point where i would cancel our dates. Acne was never a topic in our conversations. Its like she doesnt even notice it at all. Looking back at pictures of myself in the past I now realized that my skin wasnt really that bad. (Especially compared to now)
  4. i cant remember if i did it yesterday (lol) or not so ill just say day 1 to be sure
  5. End of day 7 So i have few whiteheads above my lip probably cuz of my facial hair and since i have been working out the sweat prob irratated it. Or maybe i need to buy shaving gels. Cuz i use a soap bar.
  6. Day 1 yeah i only made it past 30 days twice and i have been doing this for a long time
  7. Day 1. Have no posted in like a month i probably mbed 10+ tho
  8. Day 1 no porn im finding it very difficult to abstain from porn for the past months...
  9. Day 0 dam almost 1 week this time. stupid porn.