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  1. I appreciate and you for your advice! I tried using Dans again after messing with Cetaphil and oddly enough 3 pumps now seems to work? Not sure why but I think I'll keep using it.
  2. The last few days I used Dans moisterizor I was finally pretty much clear but I was flaking really badly and had to put on like 4-5 pumps of the stuff to stop flaking and even then I don't think it lasted 12 hours. So I switched to Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion and since then (its been about 2-3 days) I've been getting acne frequently. However.. the flakes of gone down significantly. Is this a sign I should stop using it? Or is maybe my skin adapting to the change of product and it is just an in
  3. I recently found out that I needed to be doing 3 pumps of bp instead of 2. I had been doing 2 for a bout a month or more. The past few days I just bumped it up straight to 3 instead of slowly doing it and noticed my face has been red, and I've been experiencing new acne once or twice a day which I think is due partly to the the sudden increase. My question is since I've already been doing the full amount for past few days should I just keep doing it and push through this phase? Or should I re
  4. Yeah we do sound similar, not sure. I was thinking if I should see if I should get a doctor to put me on an antibiotic with the regimen? but I heard they only works as long as you take it (and wears off eventually)and I imagine it's expensive which my family can't really afford right now. Plus I was on accutane and believe it messed up my memory and I don't feel like I should go back on it. Anyone else had similar problems and seen it clear up eventually after 3 months? I feel kinda disappoin
  5. I actually don't sweat alot.. and my diet is pretty much the same everyday.. lots of boneless skinless chicken, protein bar.. fruit and vegetables. There are a few times a month where I'll be with friends and I am not too picky.. but mostly it's healthy
  6. Maybe I should add more details haha I just use the basic 3 bottles of the regimen and haven't tried the other stuff (AHA, etc) I'm male, 20. I eat healthy, workout 3-4 times a week. Use an electric shaver at a stubble type setting every two days or so.. don't clean it.. not sure if I need to? I don't use a lot of moisturized usually just a pump of the large bottle (I think it might be one of the new bottles that you use less pumps). A lot of the time the moisturizer is an after thought.. l
  7. I've been on the regimen for almost 3 months, and lately my progress has just stalled. I'm close to clear for maybe one day then boom the next I got 2 small pimples. I'm still in the habit of popping them. I feel disgusted when I have pimple that arnt popped, but I'm beginning to think maybe that is the cause for why I can't stay clear. I always get close to clear and am happier and then the next day or so I get 2 that hang around for a few days. I'm wondering.. anyone else been in this posit
  8. I read that a lot of people say when they start the regimen their skin turns red. Is it like sunburn red? Really noticeable? Does it only last for a few hours after you put on the medication? Any pictures? The only I ask is because when I start, I really don't want to explain hey the reason I look sunburn in February is because of my acne.
  9. So I decided to order the starter pack of the regimen. But have a a question. I saw that people said when they stopped using it, the acne comes back. I'm wondering is that because it gets your skin addicted to it? Or because its just keeping it down and you haven't outgrown acne yet?
  10. I see. Well right now I use Oxy Cleansing Pads 2% salicylic acid and the Oxy daily wash 10% BP (I find it strange cause the BP doesnt burn a bit..it feels like its literally doing nothing.. is that normal?) Are these products similar to the regimen? Do you recommend any store bought products in place of Dans stuff? I have a derm appointment in 2 weeks is there anything important I should ask? Should I just try the regimen first and not see the derm? Sorry about all the questions.. this acne j
  11. I'm not sure.. I just have pimples that arnt huge that pop of close together on my chin area. I was looking for a good place to find out what type I have before I goto the derm so I can look up things that work well! His regimin seems like it works but it looks kinda like my Oxy regimen (BP and SA) Which hasnt seemed to do anything at all really. Is there a difference really between the two?
  12. I was on accutane for about 4 months and got off of it when I was pretty much clear. Now 6 months later I'm noticing my acne returning and its bad again. I've tried Oxy products like the cleansing pads and the daily wash but it doesnt seem to be controlling it so I'm looking for other options. When I took Accutane it caused me to have memory problems that I still have to day. I'm wondering if I were to go on it again would it cause more memory problems? would it worsen my memory? Or is it likel
  13. Yes. And good point. But I do notice every once and a while I get the accasional bigger bump which I do assume is acne. Any good product to get rid of those quick or prevent them
  14. My budget is flexible but I'm looking more for probably a local product (not off website) so that I don't have to pay shipping and all that jazz everytime I need more of the product. Not sure exactly what I'm looking for. In short I guess a product thats pretty quick and easy to apply or use and.. well one that has been known to work.