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  1. its been quite some time after "the incident" ugh i cant believe i was so stupid anyways i hadnt checked my replies in a very long time but thank you for your opinion, and now all i have in that area is a bit of hyperpigmentation that is only a tad darker than my natural skin colour and since i have a few blackheads im using clean and clears face wash and spot treatment and things are going well. I am also using avons scar remover and it fades the hyperpigmentation by day, so im happy. the only
  2. i was washing my face and a scar was forming, but thank the heavens it peeled of and now all i have is very light pink skin that is healing by the minute, thanks to a cream with Vitamin E
  3. I had clear skin on my forehead until around grade 7. I have skin that is oily and prone to pimples and blackheads around my forehead and nose, since I have stopped it from reaching my chin. Over the summer i used a cream for severe acne by Avon on the TINIEST pimple. This made me break out </3. I left them alone and went to Cuba over the summer, and there they left. I have broken out certain other times like around my period. Now i started grade 8 and my skin hasnt been TOO bad. It acted up