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  1. good luck, i've had major success with ziana. i have very mild acne but nothing ever worked long term, eventually i'd start breaking out again. i've been using ziana for about 2 years and my skin looks great. hope it works out for you
  2. oh my god lol, prednisone is amazing. i was on it for 2 weeks and did not get one pimple and my skin tone was perfectly even. i have fairly mild acne, but it still was awesome. the only thing is its only a temporary fix.
  3. i know its hard but even if you're having a shitty skin day... fake it till you make it. it's a stupid saying but it kind of works. pretend your confident! even you don't believe yourself, other people will. confidence is the sexiest quality in a guy for sure (confidence, not cockiness lol). being confident and you thinking your good looking pretty much outweighs anything on your face. it's better to get shot down then waste months, years, etc. waiting for you to feel good about yourself and not
  4. i don't think you have to date some one with acne b/c they are the only ones who understand what's it's like. Sure they understand b/c they have been through it, but that doesn't mean somebody who hasn't really suffered from acne can't understand your insecurity. Everyone is insecure about something, acne, weight, hair, facial features, whatever. I'm sure your significant other has insecurities they can share with you that you may not have experienced. My bf has gets a tiny tiny white head maybe
  5. I did not change toothpastes or use a steroid cream. Sooo i dont know what its from! Yes it has been a nightmare. I started the ampicillin a week ago and the POD is actually almost gone. Aside from taking the antibiotic, I've been moisturizing like crazy cause it was also super dry in the areas where the POD breakouts were. And I've been avoiding any form of cosmetics aside from light eye make up. Is yours getting any better? Hope so!!
  6. i've been using cetaphil moisturizer for about a month now and it hasn't broken me out. and i have pretty sensitive skin. give it a try?
  7. ugh POD suckss.... i'm currently battling a mild case of POD as well. i find it super embarassing. i'm on ampicillin for a month. do you know what causes POD? the derm didn't explain to well...
  8. prednisone is AMAZING at reduced inflammation and clearing up breakouts. If you're taking it for an extended period of time, you should taper down before stopping.
  9. protein. but you would need to work out as well to put on muscle. putting on fat is not going to help acne. diets high in protein are known to reduce acne.
  10. i loooove green tea and i drink it daily, not just for acne purposes but its delish! i buy matcha green tea (they sell it at whole foods), which is a powder form of green tea and has about 100 times the antioxidants that normal green tea has. it tastes pretty good too. try it, its helped my skin a lot
  11. vitamin a is known to cause skin flushing. so maybe its the vitamin a supplement although your dose is pretty low.
  12. she loves you. and everyone has their self esteem issues whether it be about their weight, skin, hair, clothes, whatever. i'm sure she is insecure about something too, everyone is. part of loving some one unconditionally is loving them AND their flaws. i know how you feel i break out from time to time and my bf has perfect skin. don't let this sabotage your relationship because if you really love her you will be more unhappy without her. don't ruin a good thing, true unconditional love doesn't c
  13. Idk too much about BC but i'm sure its doesn't work for everyone. it never cleared me up and i've been on it for 3 years. if anything my acne is slightly worse now!
  14. i tried it. it was a little too drying for my sensitive skin especially the toner. good luck with it tho i love pretty much all other clinique products, great brandd.
  15. i love love love ziana. i've tried pretty much all the retinoids: differin, duac, retin-a... and had a pretty bad experience with all of them asides from differin. i've been using ziana for over a year and its awesome. good luck!!!