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  1. First off, I'm not an expert or a doctor -- everything that I say comes from experience and I may be wrong on some things. I had acne for nearly 10 years and tried nearly everything except for pills (accutane, etc.). Just to let you know. =) SA never worked for me, even though it was prescribed many times by my dermatologist. BP is the best thing I ever used and the only thing that got me clear. I wouldn't recommend using exfoliating scrubs when you have a lot of acne. I use one now that
  2. How long have you been on the regimen? I got those a couple months in (and yes, it was during the dead of a very dry winter) and they were terrible and embarrassing. I started using BP only at night until they got better and that seemed to help. But they go away -- I'm almost 9 months into the treatment and I don't get itchy dry patches anymore (and I'm almost completely clear). So stick with it -- it'll get better. =)
  3. I used Epiduo for over a year and it didn't do anything for me. I also thought it was crazy expensive (even with insurance). Doctors get paid to prescribe the "hottest" medications, and they often do so even when something else may work better for you. That being said, treatment usually does take more than a few weeks to kick in. You might as well finish off what you have and if you don't see improvement after that, go to something else. After having acne for nearly 10 years, I tried the
  4. I agree with Brandy: I use Almay Smart Shade and it doesn't seem to clog my pores or make me oily at all. Almay also came out with a new line of products specifically designed to help acne and I use the powder from that (very light-weight, doesn't add extra color, doesn't look cakey, and minimizes the oily look). Always make sure to use clean brushes and if you're using sponges, use a new one every day. Reusing them is just asking for trouble. Good luck -- I'm sure you'll look great. =)
  5. Compared to prescription drugs and designer products, Dan's regimin is actually quite inexpensive. I've been using the products for 3 months and the large bottles are only half gone. For around $70 I got half a year of skin care products. That's only $140 a year. You won't find anything cheaper, I promise you that.
  6. I tend to get acne there, too, and I found that it's because that's where I touch my face the most. I'm a chronic nail-biter and I never realized that my fingers were grazing my skin until I started paying attention to it. And the pimples I do get there always itch...it's hard not to touch them but I know that's what causes the most acne in me. Or, if you're positive you never touch your face, you might be drooling while you sleep (which is also something I do and might contribute to the acne
  7. I'm going to say it is relatively normal. First of all, acne is normal. Those people who never suffer a period of breakouts are few and far between. Most people will have acne at some point in their lives. (Personally, I didn't hate it as much as 15 as I do at 22 because it seems like an adolescent problem -- it's not.) Second of all, depression is normal. It's at least as common as acne, and probably more so. I would disagree with a previous poster and say that depression is not a choice
  8. I've had acne since I was 14 and all I've heard is, "It'll get better with age!" I'm nearly 23 now and sick of hearing that. My mom had acne until she was in her 40s and I was about to resign myself to that fate when I discovered this website and decided to try Dan's regimen as a last resort. I am so happy I did! I only started a few weeks ago but I already see improvement. Yes, my skin is flaking (mostly around my mouth/chin area where I have the most breakouts) but I've been on BP befor
  9. Amazing! Thanks so much for posting this. Next time I buy makeup, I'm going to pick up some of these products (or order them...that might be cheaper). None of it is much more expensive than what I'm using now and if it works that much better then it's definitely worth it. Now how to get it all off...