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  1. Peanut butter is legit for bulking. Get massive and then worry about clearing up your acne. One goal at a time. Also, i seriously doubt your omega ratio is at fault. Most people are severely deficient in omega 3 and don't have acne. If your interested in seeing if it helps, just add canned sardines in water or olive oil( not soybean, it's garbage) Or get a quality bottle of omega supps from anchovies. Nordic naturals is a good brand. Omega 3 will also help your joints so it's good for athletes.
  2. Yup....I only had periodic inflammatory acne and after a 2.5 month stint on 150mg of doxy a day, I began getting alot of these on my forehead. Super super super ugly in the sunlight! Btw my skin is oily. In fact I think the periodic inflammatory acne I get under my jawline is follicular. Anyhow, just a few questions if anyone can help I'd appreciate it. - should I stop putting the dkr treatment and lotion on my forehead? I know jojoba is a really heavy oil and the bp isn't working on it anyhow
  3. Either way, I learned alot from your diet posts about anti-inflammatory foods which I will use for life, enough that some said I should become a nutritionist, I applaud you for helping people with their acne, I maintain hope that simple green foods will help me in the long run, but I've decided to move on to focusing on keeping my stress levels down throughout the day, and building muscle to keep my mind off of acne. I probably won't come back on the boards for awhile, since I don't like remindi
  4. As for the fiber post, I was just using it as an example of the hysteria. Not as a way to categorize the entire sub forum as garbage. Again, I encourage a good diet with lots of colors but not used as a medicine for acne. Just pointing out, saying that other things like circadian rythym, stress levels and so on must be used with the diet makes this even a more uncontrolled study. Doing all of those things is great for health (especially the stress one) an they amount to saying, " completely ch
  5. Abgfairy- I actually have a friend who started eating green smoothie powder everyday and it helped him tremendously. It even had soy lecithin and flax in it, and milk based probiotics but it still worked. I have some from trader joes that I've used in smoothies every once in awhile. Alternativista- I was just trying to humorously point out the stress caused by alot of the careless posts about unfounded theories, that have 20 year olds taking care of their "leaky gut " problem and so on. I'm not
  6. u said before that unless a person was "really very sick" that a good acne diet will clear their acne. Do you truly believe that?
  7. I will visit the success thread, I'm interested to see it. Originally you said I followed bad advice. I said I followed advice which was basically yours, because it is literally the same. I never grouped you with those people who speak about leaky gut or candida, that's just one of the things that I wanted to mention as being irresponsible and contradictory. Im not saying that improving your diet wont Help your acne, i just seriously doubt it can cure it by itself. Thats why i think its sad w
  8. No eggs are not dairy. I'm glad you are acne free that is freakin great! Why krill oil and not fish oil just wondering?
  9. Yea, it's easy to get wrapped up in it. Actually most of the diets require it. I think a simple approach is the best, and once learned, healthy eating habits are easy to maintain. Abg- I think ur exactly right... Worrying about lectins for example isn't going to do anything but make you worry. I'd say the worst part of the 7 month experience for me wasn't not seeing the results I'd hoped for. It was constantly being reminded of what I couldn't eat, and WHY. Or constantly being reminded of the
  10. Again- I'm not condemning eating whole healthy foods. I've learned good eating habits from when I was a child with an ex hippie mother. As far as some of these diets, I'm just condemning the unfounded craziness that abounds in them, and as a result of them. Green smoothies? Sign me up! I just don't think I need to go buy bags of frozen okra in order to combat the plague of destruction unleashed by seeds nuts and beans. Especially since those three are good for acne? Right? Olive oil is indee
  11. Alternativista- I followed advice that was basically yours. How does yours differ from others? At times i even used your log. Everything you advocate I did, but I don't condemn the emphasis on good foods, I condemn the emphasis on it curing acne, and the blatant crap that pervades most of the diets. As for the relation between blood glucose levels and acne, this theory isn't a new one. When u read the theory u can see it merely comes down to the hormone/acne relationship. This theory says that
  12. Im not offering any wisdom, just an experience. Im merely trying to point out the inaccuracies and the contradictions in the "acne-diet cure" method. Dont get me wrong, I advocate eating whole foods, grass-fed beef, free range chicken, and LOADS of fruits and veggies, but NOT because its a cure for acne. Because that would be misleading and instill false hope. I advocate it because its good for your body and mind. Trust me, im a great researcher. I tried it all with an iron fist. Im trying
  13. CLeric- You mentioned on the last page seeing impacted whiteheads literally coming to the surface and sitting there or flaking away....I had the same thing happen to me which I thought was cool too. Im guessing what had happened was I stopped using BP scrubs, and started using dermalogica clearing face wash. It is a very light formula of %1 salicylic acid, arnica montana (which is a natural anti-inflammatory) and tea tree oil among other things. I was using it for around 1 month before I starte
  14. I think your on the right track. People get so crazy as to actually block out groups of VEGETABLES indiscriminately, not with any evidence of breakouts, just because someone on the internet says they are bad. i.e. tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage With all the SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN health benefits of these types of vegetables, not to mention the loads of acne diet books which say to eat them alot, who do you believe? Facts are acne diets contradict each other ALOT. The only places they seem
  15. . ONce you have a girlfriend, you are definately not going to be denying sex. Logical route on this one? Don't try and CONTROL your "nocturnal emissions". Lets say you dont masturbate or have sex for 2 weeks. Thats pretty good by all means. In fact, im willing to bet that one "nocturnal emission" isnt going to do diddly-squat either for or against your acne. One ejaculation in 2 weeks is not over-doing it by ANY stretch of the imagination. One ejaculation in 2 weeks is DEFINATELY not going t