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  1. Thanks so much HappaMommy! Just an update. I did get off of Yaz I saw my endocrinologist and she recommended that in order for them to confirm that i have pcos, I first need to get off of birth control to see how my body reacts. I've been off of yaz for 2 weeks now. I only had 3 pimples of which 2 are gone and 1 has come to a head. I've been continually using DUAC (am) and Differin .3 (pm). I'll be heading to see my endo. in 3 months so she can do a thorough check up of my ovaries and
  2. Hi... I've been taking yaz since November 2010 because I had a crazy acne attack. My skin has finally calmed down. I'm off of antibiotics and still on yaz. I want to get off of yaz because my dhea and testosterone levels are finally normal. I don't want to be on yaz for the rest of my life and my lifestyle is finally stable enough for me to continue healthy habits (rest, sleep, eating right, less work related stress, exercise). Please share your experience of getting off of birth control.
  3. Ham... You're right. I'm not sure what the deal is. I had a derm appointment yesterday. I had 4 doctors see me in one tiny room. I guess they were residents that were doing their rotations? who knows. But the new derm say me. He was really strict. He didn't say much to me. Other than asking me why I hadn't gone on Accutane and why I want to get off of doxycyline. So one of the residents came back and said that they want to try spironolactone on me. They also gave me azelaic acid and tazorac. Doc
  4. Bad news... My acne is coming backkk!! NOOO!!!! :'( I just want to cry. I think I've become antibtioic resistanct. Or at least for Doxycyline. I've been on it once a day for the past 3 months I think? I have a deep pimple on my chin that hurts a lot and hasn't come up yet. I am healing from 3 other pimples on my troublesome right cheek. And I see small little inflamed pimples on my left cheek. My heart is aching from this. I don't want to go back to the severe reaction I had 10 months ago! I d
  5. Thank you! I'm getting there, little by little. I've been on doxycycline for 8 months. I can't wait to get off... it's causing me random stomach pain and indigestion. I still break out here and there... feels like this is a never ending story. I was on .1 Differin but I requested to be bumped up to .5 and it's helped a ton with the marks. I'm also using an AHA (m2 20% serum). The M2 makes my skin peel more than Differin does. I love it! It burns a little when I apply it but it's definitely worth
  6. Hi everyone, These pictures are from July 10. I just did my PMD/M2 today so my skin is really red. I thought I would post what I had from this month at least. Don't think 20 days is gonna make a difference. So here's my progress. Please pray for me because my left and red cheek each broke out with like 10 pimples each... I think it's because I haven't had water and sleep as I should. I've also been in bed rest for 2 weeks due to a sprained ankle. The scab on my lower right cheek is from PMD a
  7. Try M2, mandelic and malic acid treatment. It comes as a serum. It'll lighten up your marks within a matter of 2 months at least. Helped me a lot for my severe erythema. Good luck! Ps. I use 20% serum. It also comes in 12% if you want to start off light.
  8. Hello All, I wanted to update this thing (mainly for my future reference) Currently, my face is still doing a lot better than it had in the past. So thankful for that. I am getting bouts of acne here and there. But never to scare me. They go away as fast as they come. I missed 2 sessions of PMD due to my family forcing me to go out with them. I don't wear makeup for 3 days after I do my PMD in fear of messing with my overly sensitive skin but I've told my family that I'm not going out for the
  9. Hi Charlie! I'm so sorry for the late response. I've finally started going out again and I've been caught up in weddings and graduation parties. It was very uncomfortable at first but I've found the right make up to give me good enough coverage to get by. Surprisingly, a lot of my friends are having issues with breakouts on their face. I'm happy I've passed that phase and can pass some knowledge along. My face isn't currently breaking out (thank you God!) It's not breaking out as it use to i
  10. Hi, hopeful ^^ I don't have extensive dermarolling experience because I started in late March, but I'll share my experience and, perhaps, you can glean something useful from it. My daily skincare regimen consists of: Morning: -Sunblock: Neutrogena UltraSheer liquid SPF 55 sunblock. I apply 20-30 minutes before leaving for work, and I try to reapply every 2-3 hours when possible. I have oily skin, but this doesn't break me out. It's matte, which I like, and it doesn't pill when I reapply
  11. Hi there, You know what, my dermatologist initially said the same thing to me. But this was back in February I think. When my left over marks were still raw/fresh/and maroon! I looked at an old picture of my marks from February and I can't believe they were so raw/dark red. My dermatologist didn't even want me to exfoliate until my skin healed a little and now I understand why. I hate needles too I bought a dermaroller a while back but have yet to find the guts to use it. I'm waiting for my
  12. Hey!! Hahaha I completely I agree. I was looking at my arm the other day and was wishing I could magically have that kind of skin/tone/texture on my face. I’m surprised it’s taking so long to get your PMD. I don’t know if you have already mentioned this, but do you live in the States? I got my kit within a week after it was ordered. I hope you get it soon, you’ve waited so long! Did you order the recommended serums? I know there’s one by Bosque? And then there’s the M2 serum (in 12% or 20%).
  13. Charlie700, Thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t mean to sound so over-sensitive about this stuff but it’s just so annoying to have to deal with the same thing every single day. My sister tells me that there are bigger worries in the world. Granted, there are. But after all that bleeding and pain I went through over these past few months, it did leave me a bit traumatized. I felt like I was slowly decaying or something . I’m going to dermaroll as soon as my marks disappear. My lef
  14. Retin A is definitely good to use on red marks. My dermatologist told me to get on tazorac (i'm on differin at the time) because it helps your skin cell's turnover faster. So it aids your skin in the healing process. But if you haven't been on a retinoid before, I would be very cautious and consult with a dermatologist first. There are initial breakout periods you might have to deal with, especially with the stronger retinoid creams/gels. Good luck
  15. Hi everyone... just another update... I'm really happy with my marks fading at a faster rate than I had expected. However, I'm becoming more and more depressed with the rolling/pitted scars which I know are going to be permanent unless I do something about them So along with working on getting rid of these marks, I'm thinking to start dermarolling as soon as possible. I might wait it out another 2 months until these marks hopefully disappear a great length more. I'm just not looking forward to