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  1. I have recently started using Burt's Bees Medicated lip balm and it's so choice!
  2. Yeah I've definitely experienced some depression while being on accutane. The first time I was on it, I was 16 and I had 2 people very close to me die. So I'm sure that didn't help things! I was depressed but what kept me going was the thought of clear skin. Now I'm 21 and I started my 2nd course right about the time when school started, so the stress from that hasn't helped. But I'm grateful to be on it again and I am sooo looking forward to clear skin. As for helping with the depression, I
  3. I've never heard anything about drinking on accutane. I've gotten drunk a few times since being on it and I haven't noticed a difference. Maybe I didn't read the fine-print but I say DRANK.
  4. Yeah that definitely happened to me. It was around 2-3 weeks for me. It was really weird because I don't remember that happening on my first course but it's pretty cool because now I don't have blackheads on my nose! Woo!
  5. I am on a 2nd course right now, starting my 3rd month. I am 21, I did my first course when I was 16 and had pretty lasting results until a couple years ago. It's working well so far. That's strange that you are breaking out like that, I would definitely see your derm about it though. Sorry :[