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  1. I'm at the middle of week 6 or so, and things are continuing to get better. There have been basically no new spots, and everything is healing, albeit slowly. Dryness is also fading. I'm using a pea sized amount of BP since there is already BP in the face wash.
  2. Yep, just a few days after Christmas now, and since my last update (4 days?) things look a lot better. Redness has gone down, and spots are slowly fading! There's dryness of course, but things are definitely getting better.
  3. Happy holidays everyone, my skin isn't looking too much better today, and the spots aren't really healing because I haven't done anything but put BP on them. Also, there's a new spot that just kind of developed, plus an odd cyst type thing on my nose that I can feel/see, but it isn't painful. I really hope this starts to work.
  4. I'm using 2.5% BP face wash, and Dan's 2.5% BP gel, and then Alba moisturizer. Twice a day. Week one was really good. My skin looked great. Week two was also pretty good, but flakiness kicked in. Week three was iffy, and my skin started to break out noticeably more. Week four, now, my skin looks pretty bad. I've got spots that I forced myself not to pick at and now they're just sitting there. A Lot of little spots. Overall, I'm doing this after the BP wash alone wasn't workin
  5. I know that you're supposed to apply the Clindamycin just to the affected areas where you usually get breakouts.
  6. How long have you been using it? I would start off with once a day, just at night for about 3 or so days, or even a week. Then once your skin acclimates to that, step up to twice a day. Always use a good moisturizer, too!
  7. Try Tea Tree oil! It's used for combating acne and fungus. Tea tree oil doesn't smell bad necessarily, but trust me, you won't be able to smell anything over the tea tree oil!
  8. Has anyone experienced them with Salycic Acid? I'm using Clean & Clear Deep Action cream cleanser, and Acne Free green tea moisturizer, both twice a day, for about 4 days now. I ended up getting a bunch of somewhat painful pimples (6-7 of them) along my jawline. If it doesn't clear up in another few days I think I'll try switching to a BP cleanser.