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  1. http://www.acne.org/regimen.html http://www.acne.org/back-acne.html
  2. If you can tough it out, keep using twice a day and your skin should eventually get used to it. If you really can't stand it, go ahead and cut back to once a day, but if you do, you can expect a bit more acne.
  3. I use vaseline around my eyes and have only ever benefited from it. The only downside I've found is that it can get IN my eyes and blur my vision a bit and it's difficult to get out.
  4. You can apply the bp just to your problem areas if you want to avoid too much dryness. As for your neck, I'm not sure. When I first started the regimen, even though I was only applying the bp to my face, my neck got kind of irritated. It did go away after a while, though. Try testing it on a small patch of your neck to see how your skin reacts.
  5. Cleansing pads would be too rough if you're trying to follow the regimen to a T and I doubt it would do as good a job of cleansing.
  6. If I workout in the afternoon, I'll still shower off afterwards but I won't wash my face and just apply some moisturizer after. A few hours after applying bp in the morning, it's not really active anymore anyway, so I think it's fine to rinse it off.
  7. I had been on the regimen over 6 months and the dryness was still really bad even though I was using cetaphil moisturizer, jojoba oil and AHA+ and my skin wasn't even clear, so now I only use 1 pump of Dan's bp at night, AHA+ every other night and just moisturizer in the morning. I still have a little bit of acne now but the spots are always pretty small and it doesn't bother me at all, it's miles better than it used to be.
  8. It is normal at first for the moisturizer to burn because your skin still isn't used to the panoxyl. I assume you're using 5% which might be too high and needlessly irritating. If you can find something around 2.5%, hopefully your moisturizer wouldn't burn so much over top.
  9. You could try mixing Dan's moisturizer with Cetaphil or Cerave or a teeny bit of Vaseline so you get the calming effect of Dan's moisturizer and the lasting moisturizing effect of whatever you want to mix in.
  10. Are you using jojoba oil? I had orange skin that would come and go when the dryness was really bad. I thought it was because I was putting jojoba oil on top of a thick layer of dry skin so it didn't really absord but instead just sort of stained the dead skin. It would go away if I exfoliated like crazy but then I would break out around my chin and forehead. Eventually I reduced the amount of bp I was using and it went away. If you're not using jojoba oil, it's probably just a lot of dead discol
  11. I use Cliniderm gentle protective lotion (spf 45) or Nature's Gate mineral kids spf 20 sunscreen. Neither seems to aggravate my acne and they both have mineral medicinal ingredients so they're safe and gentle I order them from well.ca
  12. I order Cliniderm gentle protective lotion (spf 45) off of well.ca. It has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as the medicinal ingredients so it's super gentle and doesn't break me out at all. It does leave a white cast but I don't think it's so bad and it would just look like sunscreen to anyone who noticed anyway.
  13. 1 pump was probably too much to start off with. If your priority is to get rid of the wrinkles, then yeah, stop using the bp. Otherwise, keep bumping up the bp by half-pump increments every week. You could also use more moisturizer I guess.
  14. Yeah I get the same thing. While waiting for the bp to dry, my skin feels fine, but when I put the Cetaphil on, my face feels prickly, heats up (from the irritation I guess) and gets all red, especially if it's a new bottle of Cetaphil. I've yet to find a moisturizer that doesn't feel that way over bp. Pooossibly if you used some of Dan's moisturizer for its calming qualities combined with Cetaphil for extra moisture it'd be better, but I've never tried Dan's moisturizer myself.
  15. check out hotglue01's blog. she was struggling with PIH too and wrote about what worked for her. good luck!
  16. If you were only using one finger's length of Panoxyl, you probably shouldn't be using more than 2 pumps of Dan's bp. I'd even say you should start with 1 and a half. 3 is WAY too big a leap. Good luck!
  17. I'd aim for 2.5 pumps of bp. I think Dan rounded it up to 3 for the new pumps just to make it easier. I only use 2 pumps because Dan's face is way bigger than mine. It's definitely a tradeoff between your acne and the condition of your skin, using the bp. It's up to you, whether you think it's worth it. Once you are clear, you'll be able to reduce the amount of bp you use. A smaller amount of bp like your derm recommended will at least keep you clearer than no bp at all. Make sure you moisturize
  18. Your acne shouldn't come back any worse than it was before, it'll be about the same (but now that you have clear skin, it might seem worse). If the rash is pretty much all over your face, I'd stop using the bp altogether until that clears up. You could still spot treat with it or try BHA or tea tree oil or something as an alternative. If the rash is just in a few small spots, you could try to avoid those areas when applying the bp, maybe. If you do start breaking out, you could see a dermatolog
  19. It definitely sucks to get a pimple just on display in the middle of your face like that, but acne on guys has never bothered me, especially when it's just a few pimples like in your case. I know it's hard, but you don't need to feel so self conscious about it. It looks way worse to you than to anyone else.Good call on easing up on the AHA. That was definitely way too much. Good luck!
  20. dangalang

    - brightens dark eye circles - very moisturizing - contains vitamin E - prevents wrinkles? - oily (obviously) I gently massage this around my eyes at night, which is relaxing in itself, but I've also noticed that my dark circles are fading. Supposedly it prevents wrinkles, which makes sense because it's so moisturizing, but I wouldn't know for sure.
    - cleared some of my acne - very expensive for not much product - very drying - still experienced breakouts I just used the moisturizer for the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. It definitely was NOT moisturizing, but it made a noticeable difference with my acne. It's way more economical and effective just to use a separate BP and moisturizer, though.
    - no greasy residue - fairly moisturizing - works well under makeup - pretty expensive - not moisturizing enough with BP I LOVED this moisturizer before I started using BP. It was seriously the best I'd ever used, but I'm sorry to say it's just doesn't cut it when combined with BP.