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- brightens dark eye circles - very moisturizing - contains vitamin E - prevents wrinkles? - oily (obviously) I gently massage this around my eyes at night, which is relaxing in itself, but I've also noticed that my dark circles are fading. Supposedly it prevents wrinkles, which makes sense because it's so moisturizing, but I wouldn't know for sure.

By dangalang,

- cleared some of my acne - very expensive for not much product - very drying - still experienced breakouts I just used the moisturizer for the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. It definitely was NOT moisturizing, but it made a noticeable difference with my acne. It's way more economical and effective just to use a separate BP and moisturizer, though.

By dangalang,

- no greasy residue - fairly moisturizing - works well under makeup - pretty expensive - not moisturizing enough with BP I LOVED this moisturizer before I started using BP. It was seriously the best I'd ever used, but I'm sorry to say it's just doesn't cut it when combined with BP.

By dangalang,

- very moisturizing - non-comedogenic - fragrance free - totally non-irritating - maaaybe a little on the thick side (mostly because I have to spread it over BP) - leaves me slightly shiny (but I can dab it away, no problem) Overall, it's pretty awesome. I had some trouble with dryness when I combined it with Panoxyl, but it works wonderfully with Dan's BP.

By dangalang,

- very gentle - cleanses well - big bottle I actually use the generic version of Cetaphil because it's so much cheaper than the brand name, but I love it.

By dangalang,

- cleared most of my acne - bleached my eyebrows - did not clear chin - very drying - made my face very red after each use - a little difficult to spread gently I started the regimen with Panoxyl and it did a pretty good job I guess, but almost as soon as I switched to Dan's BP my face was nowhere near as dry, I have no redness at all and my chin is clearing up fast. The Panoxyl works alright, but it's not the best.

By dangalang,