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  1. Hi guys! I haven't been on the site for a long time but figured I would make a quick post about my experience with the regimen. I have always had very acne prone skin and had tried a lot (although not everything) before discovering Dan's products and acne.org. I had tried pretty much everything over the counter, proactive, and antibiotics. Dan's regimen isn't really a miracle, nor is it magic. The one thing that he has figured out that a lot of other skin care companies haven't is that BP w
  2. Has anybody used this for body acne? I've read the reviews on this site, but there weren't many so I went ahead and purchased it since it's slightly cheaper than Dan's AHA (not to mention quicker to get a hold of). My idea is to use Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar to cleanse with and then apply AmLactin. Has anybody else used this product before? What did you think, and did you see results? I will update in a week or so to let everyone know how it's going!
  3. Agreed. Aloe vera, AHA (but use it sparingly when you're starting out), and time. I've basically found that the best thing to do in this situation is the thing I least want to do, which is to spend lots of my hard-earned money on moisturizer. At this point in the game, my skin still gets very dry from the BP, and can end up the way you described your skin if I'm not careful. I apply the recommended 3 pumps of DKR moisturizer, and later on, if my skin is still dry, I apply another pump ... or
  4. Which brand of BP are you using? Dan's BP does spread pretty easily in my experience, but you still have to use a certain amount to apply it to your entire face. Most over-the-counter BPs (particularly creamed-based forms) do not spread as easily. When I was new to BP, I used to mix it with a few drops of water which helped me use less and be able to spread it evenly over my skin. That's not really recommended for the best results, but if your skin is still getting used to BP and you need a
  5. I used to use that same product, and I understand why it can be addictive. It just feels good to actually scrub your face at the end of a long day! And it does leave your skin softer as well. It's definitely not recommended for regimen users due to the irritation. That said, I don't think it will age your skin more quickly. I'm not an expert, but I've always heard that exfoliating leaves your skin looking younger rather than older. Since it looks like your main concern is scars rather than
  6. I think the thing to keep in mind when your schedule doesn't perfectly fit the 10-12 hour rule is just to keep doing it twice a day, whenever you can. I have an irregular schedule, and my range is more like 8 - 15 hours apart. I do find that after only 8 hours, my skin is more irritable when I apply the regimen. If I wait 15 hours, it's gotten oily and is more prone to breakouts. Still, both situations are better than missing an application.
  7. I hope they send you some pumps for free. That seems like the best solution here.
  8. Just my unprofessional opinion: one minute on each section of the face sounds like enough to cause irritation, but then some of the topicals you are using could be irritating your skin as well. Like you, I also worry about not completely getting the last treatment I did off of my skin in 10 seconds (except for me it's just BP and not tazorac). I find it helps to have a good lather of cleanser in your hands before you start washing your face.
  9. I was curious - do you have a degree in chemistry or some other science? Your knowledge is amazing!

  10. Hi there, I loved your handbook so much. It was so helpful ... thank you!!

  11. That's a tough one. It sounds to me like your skin is irritated, in which case jojoba oil should be helpful. I know it doesn't break most people out, but there is that chance that it could be breaking you out. I would continue with it for a few weeks as needed when your skin is dry and flaky, since most likely your skin is breaking out because you are new to the regimen and your skin is irritated.
  12. Ahh good point. I didn't even think about the irritation aspect causing breakouts. That makes sense.
  13. Many people say that the Acne.org regimen (or, in other words, benzoyl peroxide) takes three - six months to finally eliminate new breakouts. I don't understand this, since I've always heard that breakouts take three weeks before they emerge, not three months. Is there any scientific reasoning to the three - six months idea?
  14. Hmm. Maybe I am just oversensitive to the smell. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. I guess it's the result of a product that is made to perform its function rather than smell good to the consumer.