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  1. lol some little girl I didn't know once told me "you have pimples ALL OVER YOUR FACE" and I was just like "awww aren't you an observant little shit" right in front of her parents. Other than that incident though, my acne hasn't been real bad in a very long time luckily so no1 comments on it ever. If it's family, that's fine cause they're the blame for my skin being the way it is, so they better show some sympathy shiettttt.
  2. Quit picking and popping your acne....because when you finally do stop getting pimples, you'll be left with a shitload of scars that will take YEARS to heal and it will all be because you popped them. You think you're bad now, keep popping those suckers and see how you are years from now =/ They'll heal on their own time, easier said than done but try lifestyle changes to build up your self esteem and confidence. Work out, dress better, eat healthier and get a job (if you don't already have one
  3. man its the summer.....the horniest time of the YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I had to, I don't know anything about Accutane. I was fortunate enough to never have to be on it, but someone on this site will help you REAL soon I'm sure. I can however answer and say it's always good to wash your face at least twice a day, no more though.
  4. That's great that you're pursuing it! I actually thought your profile picture looked like a CD cover. Yeah I think its ridiculous but Hollywood seems obsessed with it. I'm not sure how it is in the music industry..hopefully not as critical. You're right about talent being forever! That's why some beautiful people are only in a few films while talented people (meryl streep) last forever. Good luck! Believing well both achieve our dreams. It's the same thing with any branch of entertainment
  5. Aczone has mainly been used more for rosacea treatment to reduce redness and inflammation. It won't necessarily clear your pimples, but it will definitely keep your pimples from swelling or become inflamed. You'll probably need a topical cream with tretinoin to control the pimples. Aczone is great though, I use it combined in my regimen.
  6. lmao hell yeah back when I had bad acne, ALL THE DAMN TIME..... I used to bring tissues just waiting for when they randomly popped during the day. If I didn't have a tissue I used my shirt. Ahh the good old days (cough).
  7. I'm pursuing a music career and am very close to my goal, but yes I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. In the industry, looks mean everything....they need someone marketable and well, Hollywood is shallow so acne would get in the way. The thing is though, I can see from your pic that you're a good looking girl, and I mean they have make up, photo shop, airbrushing so many things that can easily fix your appearance on camera, film, etc. so you'll be fine. One thing stronger than looks is co
  8. I'm afraid to! lol A lot of us on this site all have different types of root causes to our acne so sum1 here will probably be able to assess you easily if you post some pics. Don't be scared, if someone insults you in any way, trust me....I'll shut their ass down.
  9. 1 month is too short for healing-time when it comes to acne. Usually when you get any prescriptions for acne, whatever it may be...you never really see results until at least 2-3 months in (and only a TINY result). Stay consistent for like 6 to 7 months and you'll hopefully see a big change. I don't know anything about Accutane, thankfully I never had acne that severe, but I'm sure it's just like anything else - takes a long time to see great results. Most people never stick it out with any med
  10. I dont know what utopia you live in honey but where I live (a big city) I see plenty of people with acne. PLENTY, some mild snd some bad. But remember, a lot of people who have acne dont go out when their skin is bad, so you may be seeing "clear" people with acne, who are not broken out at that moment if that makes sense. I live in New York City, I don't think it gets any bigger lol and I don't see shit. You're probably right though, either they're out on their good days or they're stil
  11. lol yup, right on the money...plus breakouts wouldn't be a reason to leave anyone, unless the person is really that shallow and insecure themselves about caring too much what other people think of who they date. Then the dude isn't even worth your time. At least your bf listened, some ppl would just roll their eyes like "here we go again, stop complaining its just pimples."
  12. It's real crazy when I talk to someone with clear ass perfect skin only to find out they have SO MANY OTHER insecurities...meanwhile I have none (AND I have some acne, not bad though). I wish more people appreciated what they do have, rather than always focusing on their negatives. That goes for acne sufferers too. At least pimples go away, we all could have gotten something much worse.
  13. Could be dandruff causing those breakouts. Watch what shampoos and other hair products you're using. If the rest of your face is completely clear than this is probably just an irritation of some sort. Do some research on what shampoos and other hair products are safe for acne-prone or sensitive skin. Worth a shot.....
  14. LOL Just an open topic, I'm sure it's been made before but I don't see it. How many of you have walked around, doing whatever it is that you do.. scoping out everyone elses skin and hoping you see someone else with fairly bad acne or even ANY acne for that matter, but NEVER finding a single person?!?! Like you see around this site there's a lot of people with acne, but then when you're walking around in public, everyone and their mother has clear ass skin but you and it's like WTF!!!