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  1. ssshhh

    Day 32.

    its been 20-something days since my first entry and all i can rant about that, as far as i can remember, was how frustrated i was in having nodulocystic acne in clusters for more than a decade already! i was also hoping that this accutane medication that i just started will prove me right, that it is really a miracle drug! its my day 33 using accutane, and boy, it really IS a wonder drug! you won't notice the change during the 1st 2 weeks, probably because your body is adjusting to the new dr
  2. most of us are experiencing really bad dry lips due to an accutane side effect, add the upcoming winter season right now. do u have any suggestions or recommendations for dry /chapped/flaky lips? chapstick didn't work for me. i currently use carmex and c.o. bigelow (the green one, from bath and body works). if you did any combo or a do-it-yourself lip balm kinda thing, pls share!! or any brand that worked best for you! thank you!
  3. ssshhh

    Day 7.

    It has been 7 days since accutane was first introduced into my system and i am always looking forward everyday that these bitches in my face would be murdered one by one for destroying my life for almost a decade! my acne started when was a teenager (/highschool days), which for me, was kind-of acceptable because you gotta go through hormonal stages when you're growing up; but i noticed that my type of acne was different from most of my friends. their's was the typical small whitehead, small
  4. heyyy there!! i havent tried the aquaphor-carmex combo, but i do believe that carmex really works! tried and tested! even that green co bigelow from bath and body -- it has a menthol-y taste and it works wonders! it softens my lips, heals the dryness/chappy-ness and moisturizes it!