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  1. I tried rosewater in 05 and it was a huge mistake it broke me out like crazy I don't recommend it.
  2. This experiment is a complete failure I can't see anybody doing this for longer than a month I would rather have acne my entire life and get some every day.
  3. last year I heard the closest thing to a cure was breast milk.
  4. There is no way you spent more than 50K maybe 5K unless you had a lot of laser treatments.
  5. Just give up dude there is no way you can last that long.
  6. There will probably be a cure for acne or at least a better drug than accutate by the time your kids hit puberty.
  7. You don't mess with the veterans!
  8. The cream is kinda yellowish so I think you have the gel.
  9. Hi I been using Tretinoin cream 0.05% for about 15 months and its been working okay it has controlled my acne but not all of it, the problem is that I am tired of putting creams at night because I have doing this for more than 5 years and since I graduated from High School a week ago I don't really care anymore. I really want to have clear skin but it seems that I just keep wasting money on stuff that never works and was thinking if I should just stop putting stuff in my face and just hope my ac
  10. I have heard that the gel is way better than the cream I recommend you to give it a shot.
  11. Damn you hit puberty later I got acne when I was 14 and it showed up just like that.
  12. I learned the hard way I never had any driving experience when I went to take driving lessons so I could take the test with them and I was humiliated when I drove the first time because I had no experience after that I thought I sucked at driving, but I drove more and more and got confident and passed the test and didn't have to take the driver's test on the dmv thats how good I drove on my test day. If you have past driving experience you will be fine but if you don't have any experience than I
  13. Totally. Then again, most of the guys on here who aren't dating, would suddenly become pretty popular with gold diggers. I would still take being clear, living a normal life but, I am doing my best as is. If you think money will bring you happiness, your in for a real shock pending you win the lottery. Yeah, I heard winning the lottery is really bad luck.
  14. I highly doubt anybody here will have acne forever most of people's acne go away in their early 20s, but accutane is not worth it the risks are too high.
  15. I drink Pepsi almost everyday and my acne is really not that bad but does anybody know what are the side affects of drinking soda besides getting kidney stones?
  16. I have been using Tretinoin Cream 0.05% for almost 10 months now and still no luck, does anybody recommend I switch to 0.01%?
  17. Hell Yeah High School sucks I'm a Senior and only got 4 and a half months of hell
  18. I'm 17 and got oily skin when I was 14 when my acne started