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  1. Still with Luc Louis! If only he could add Nokor Subcision+Filler, Infini and TCA cross to his treatment options... By the way, I noticed that you had fat grafting done a very long time ago. How was your experience with that? I see pictures on the internet like the one below, is that really something you can expect or is it just one of those top 1% successes?
  2. Guess it's time for an update. At first I didn't bother to update as the results from my last subcision were minimal, being optimistic I can speak of 5-10% improvement at best. To document the results, find pictures below: So last week I went to my derm for another treatment, this time to treat my forehead and temples. I have a very long ice-pick kinda scar in my forehead which doesn't really look acne-induced. I never even hoped for it to be improved but then derm went hardcore on it with:
  3. You are beautiful actually, how about a date to Odense ;)?
  4. No worries man Having babyskin wouldn't make you any more rugged. A bit of roughness gives you character and you have plenty of room for more before it becomes disturbing!
  5. Thanks for sharing I just made an appointment with Emil on the 7th of May. It's a 7 hour drive from where I live so I will probably drive there with a mobile home. There's a 6 week timespan between the subcisions so it's not an ideal situation, but it costs me less vacation days. Besides, in the previous subcision only my cheeks got treated, not my temples and forehead.
  6. Thanks all very much for the advice! After I went to the gym yesterday the scars reappeared, so I guess the procedure was indeed not agressive enough. Next appointment will be with Dr Emil Another question; can I do fillers before I do infini without destroying them?
  7. Hi guys, As a long-time lurker I'm restarting my journey to improve my scars. Read on for my progress so far Treatment 1: SmartXide + Punch Excision About 5 years ago I had my first two rounds of laser treatment in combination with punch excision on my cheeks and temples. These treatments softened the edges of the scars and improved the look of my skin. Overall, the results were a little disappointing and very expensive. (over €2000,- at the Velthuis kliniek in the Netherlands). Results
  8. That just sounded so damn familiair... The treatment sounds really promising though! For the Dutchies among us, there seems to be a practioner in 'Nieuwegein' called Biutifill who claims to be the only one using the machine. I'm gonna check him out very soon...
  9. I definitely hope so, so far the results are really disappointing.. Right now my face is also covered with hyperpigmentation which is really annoying as I have a very important job interview this week. I'm using a concealer to hide most spots but since I'm a guy this is all no fun. On the 21st of March I will have an appointment with my derm, I hope she has a solution for this.
  10. Wow, those results are pretty amazing! Did you get any indication on when you would need an additional treatment to maintain the results?
  11. Right now the microswelling has subsided and seriously, my scars appeared exactly as they were before. My rough skin has definitely become a lot smoother and the general appearance has improved, but that's about it. When I have an appointment with the derm I will make sure trustworthy pictures are made and compared so I'm sure it's not just my mind playing games. I'll let you guys know!
  12. I remember you starting out months and months ago with your first results not being what we expected after seeing DraGz.. Now however, your face is looking great! Congratz for your determination and thanks so much for contributing, it says a lot about the person below the scars
  13. Np, I'll add a timeline to the main post asap When I went to look for doctors there was just one that offered it and he told me subcision wouldn't have any effects on my scars. I seriously doubted that opinion as I have seen many other people getting pretty good results with it for all types of scars. It's also only offered in Holland under the name 'bio skin jetting' by these weird med spa's. One thing that also struck me was that when I mentioned subcision in the clinic I am being treated i
  14. Thanks alot man, really hope the best for you too! I will contribute more pictures and information when I'm nearing end results. I have just uploaded a picture of today where I placed two small red lines towards the scars that had punch excision. Fortunately, the second SmartXide removed the excision marks which I mentioned earlier There are a couple of more scars that were excised though but at this point in the process making pictures of these scars is not really worth the effort as the re