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  1. What if i still want to eat burgers, pizza and chips?
  2. do u thing it would work if i used it about 8 hrs a day? would it just take longer to work or not work at all
  3. how long are u wearing the scaraway each day? I wanna wear one for a nickel-sized scar on my nose but i have very sensitive skin. i am afraid the scaraway would leave me a scar/red mark
  4. would vbeam work if u have sensitive skin? i read a post where it left them a mark
  5. i want to get a shot for a raised scar but i am scared
  6. it seems dermojet is effective for treating hypertrophic scars. yet there is no info about dermojet on this forum. theres is hardly any reviews online at all either
  7. It seems like you can only view the last couple of posts a user has made when you go to their profile. How can i see more oftheir posts and threads they have started?
  8. i read you had a bit of raised/hypertropic scar...have u found something that works? i woulda PMed u but i wasnt able to