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  1. nothngs perfect. i still get the occasional zit but it goes away quick. jastguy the zits aren't red afterwards.
  2. ok. i think skinclares as good as acnescript was. ive been on it again for 4 days and its def working. but why change the name?? doens't make sense. anyhow it is as good as acnscript. has anyone tried the stronger one?
  3. i emailed them. different company licesing the acnescript formula. i'm waiting on the bottles so i'm not sure if its the same or not. i hope they didn't change it at all. i got a shipment email so i'll no soon.
  4. has anyone tried this yet? went to reorder my acnescipt and thats gone. just goes straight to skinclare? i only ordered a month supply cause i want to make sure its the same stuff? anyone??