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  1. I dont know what to do for a moisturizer. The new one for the regimen burns when i put it on and gives me oily skin. What should i try? There are so many options.
  2. thank you, i will stick to the regimen moisturizer at step 3 for a couple weeks hopefully it will go away
  3. 1. When i put on the moisturizer, my skin is on fire. Should i just try to find a different combination of BP to moisturizer? 2. Can i moisturize after step 1 (cleanser)? My skin gets really dry after washing my face with the cleanser.
  4. I am using the regimen moisturizer with jojoba oil added in. When I apply this to my face, my face is really shiny afterwards. Is this normal?
  5. Does it matter when i take a shower? I take them in the evening.
  6. I was wondering if it would be ok to replace the BP with my prescription 10% Sulfacetamide 5%Sulfer Gel? Should I still get a cleanser and moisturizer and apply them like in the Regimen?