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  1. Update: I got an email yesterday that told me I would be getting a refund on shipping, and that my package would be arriving in 1-3 weeks. So basically, even though I selected a faster form of shipping, I'm still being forced to use "economy shipping." What's going on? Dan didn't warn us at all in his blog, which I think is completely unfair. I hope he finds this post.
  2. Hey guys, I had the same problem. Are you using Chrome as your browser? I'm a regular Chrome user, and I'm low on Regimen supplies, so when I saw "Economy Shipping" for 1-3 weeks as the only option, I nearly flipped. Shopping the Acne.org store on Firefox brought all of the options back for me! It seems Daniel must have changed something in the site code, and now it's having problems with Chrome. Oh well...
  3. Hey everybody, I've been using Dan's regimen products for over a month now. I intend to keep up with the regimen, and I have worked it into my daily schedule pretty easily. My acne is much more manageable now, mosty all that is left are red spots that are slowly fading away every day, with the exception of occasional, small break outs. When I look at myself in the mirror, I can see that my face looks darker than my neck, but I always assumed that it wasn't really that noticeable. However, over