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  1. i'm suffering from a breakout right now and im desperate to find a natural treatment to help my mild-moderate acne has anyone used this method with good or bad results?
  2. will stressing more over yopur face make you face worse?
  3. mads!

    -started to work from the first application -smell is nice compared to other natural remidies -cleans pores -clean and fresh feeling every use when i apply lemon juice sometime is itches but goes away after a minute or two :) This is a GREAT natural remedy for acne, I used to apply BP to my face everynight and my face was dry and sore, and i realised this isn't healthy for my skin all those chemicals. what about the long term effects? if it bleaches towels and clothes imagine what
  4. I heard it works, just add salt to freshly squezzed LJ and soak in a cotton ball and apply to your face. has anyone experimented with this?
  5. I'm a 14 year old girl suffering with acne! and...its ruining me! i don't mean to sound so dramatic, but truely it really is! everyday i feel the same ugly! I hate going to school, today i faked a sicky because i did'nt want to be seen.. anywhere M freinds they're just so perfect in so many ways, i dread seeing them it makes me feel so bad about myself, and the best thing is some of them comment on my skin saying "i dont know how you can walk around with that on your face i couldn
  6. has anyone tried this method using Lemon juice and cucumber for acne? or just lemon juice? or just cucmber? let me know your results im totally freaking sick of my acne! i wont it gone! its so frustrating!! if you know of any other combination or whatever haa let me know thankyou!