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  1. ohh and the tanning oil i used was Coppertone Tropical Blend SPF 2 Beta Carotene & Cocoa Butter and the baby oil i used was Johnsons Baby Oil
  2. Hello everyone, last week i went to the shalaih with a couple of my friends. we tanned everyday i have acne prone skin and i applied tanning oil and tanned for the first day. when i was done i went to look at my face in the mirror. I had a few new zits and i knew that this would happen. the second day i applied baby oil all over my face and body and tanned and again i got a few new zits. i couldn't tell if the tanning oil was breaking me out or the fact that i was eating mcdonalds everyday for l
  3. Hayden_

    Reduces Redness Evens out skin tone Reduces acne reduces scars/hyperpigmentation stops new acne from forming Moisturizers skin You can't tell anyone. So here's my story: I've had acne since 13 years old and now im 17. Every year it gradually becomes more severe, i got bored from using topicals. I've used all of them, u name it! i got fed up of acne so my last resort was Accutane. I was on it for 6 months and i was happy to say my skin had cleared up so much that i
  4. they haven't yet surfaced but theres just a bump it doesn't hurt or anything, its just annoying
  5. Hello everyone i am happy to say that i have completed a full 6 month course of 20mg roaccutane and i am also happy to say that i am completely clear! except the the hyperpigmentation which im hoping will go away soon enough. anyways i was wondering what can i do post accutane ? is their any light regimens which i can go on? i am currently using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and Clean&Clear shine control moisturizer and for the breakouts i use Differin 0.1% and Zineryt. i was wondering if t
  6. hey everyone im on my last 6th month of roaccutane and i am happy to say i dont have a single zit anyways im going to dubai this friday for a week i would love to get a tan for when i come back prom is coming up and i'd like to be tanned i always use Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15, i've used it for years and years it really good i was wondering if i could tan using the sunscreen and without getting badly burnt due to my sensitive skin from roaccutane
  7. but hayden wut would happen if u go to event without the dishdasha :> thingie? like would it be violating rules or something? wut would happen? :3 just wonderin n ykno i want me a dishasha now too x3, would it be too inapropriate if fe id wear 1, like just for fun n so, like while being in arabia if i go there? :> whoa everyones pretty etc, but kairasa pretty + brave (for showing acne too) ;) nothing would happen haha :P if you dont want to wear it, dont ;p its not as if they f
  8. who me ;o ? i've lived in kuwait my whole life and im kuwaiti and a muslim ;D
  9. haha no mans its not religious stuff :P its just a tradition like whenever i go to a gathering or wedding or just a casual dining i wear that :P that pic was taken at a school event called Black & White. everyone else was wearing suits and us kuwaitis were wearing the "Dishdasha" ;p i hope that answers ur question :D
  10. I'm Arab/Kuwaiti and wearing what i had on my head is a tradition So please no one make fun haha This is me 3 months into Roaccutane 20/mg
  11. DUUUUUDE CALM DOWN MAN!;p your skin is normal, you just have a few clogged pores nothing bad and ur skin looks quite oily
  12. I'm now on my 5th month and i have one more month to go. i am completely clear except for the red acne marks that never go away. i was wondering, does accutane help reduce the red marks ? i was also told by my derm that when i finished my course we would start working on the red marks. i think he mentioned a retinoid called Acretin/Retin-A? is it for acne ? or hyperpigmentation ?
  13. 1) 16,Male,Kuwaiti 2) 20m/g Roaccutane 3) During the first month 4) 12 days? i think