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  1. Hey guys, I just got Dan's AHA today, how often should I use it? My skins pretty clear and I'm used to my BP. Can I put moisturizer/jojoba oil on afterwards or is that too much? Also I want to get a new moisturizer for the morning, before putting on my make up. I can't decide between Cetaphil or Eucerin..thoughts?
  2. No, I use Desert Essence jojoba oil I got at a grocery store. Thanks, I think I'm going to try adding the jojoba oil before the bp and see how that works out.
  3. Ok so I have been on the regimen for 3 weeks and my acne is pretty much gone, but I have a lot of black heads, acne scars and my face is red. I can't go without make up, so I went and got some Almay products thinking it'd be better on my skin and the foundation doesn't cover well at all and the complexion powder leaves my skin with an orange tint. Before the regimen I liked to use revlon colorstay or maybellines smooth cream mousse and loose powder, but I'm afraid if I start using either of thos
  4. My favorite two foundations that I have tried are revlon colorstay and studio gear matte foundation. Both have great coverage!
  5. I hear rimmel lasting finish foundation is a good one that lasts all day, I have yet to try it though and its formula is mineral emerged so thats a plus. They also have a matte one if this one doesn't interest you.
  6. did you try putting just jojoba oil? or just moisturizer? I started the regimen only using moisturizer and then added the jojoba oil in like a week ago and it really helps with flakes so i can't imagine not using it. I can't imagine only using the oil alone either I feel like it would be even more oily feeling.
  7. Hey, I've been doing the regimen basically for 3 weeks and I still get real flaky skin. In the morning I do the moisturizer and jojoba oil mixed together and it gets really oily. I add a little bit of makeup powder and it just feels really slimy oily. I can't not put moisturizer on in the morning though, because there is so much flakiness..any suggestions?