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  1. It's not that because it's not near my mouth. So no. Your chin is pretty close to your mouth. Perioral dermatitis can stretch up to the nasolabial fold (where nose meets.... cheeks?). Its prominent on the chin as well. I mean papules don't just stay on your skin for that long, that's not characteristic of acne. If you have been treating it, they should have went away in a week tops. Now perioral dermatitis... that's a different story.
  2. Looks like you may have a slight case of seborrheic dermatitis around your nose. Believe it or not what you have may not be acne at all. If you see a dermatologist they can probably help you. Look up pityrosporum folliculitis, its closely related with seb. derm. Not saying I'm definitely correct on this one. If you have had dandruff before then you definitely have seb. derm, so that may be a way to tell right there.
  3. Has anyone found a way to get rid of their acne AND seborrheic dermatitis? I have oily skin, my main problem areas are around the mouth and chin area. If you have anything helpful to share, please help .
  4. I agree with the two above users. Don't do it. I have personal experience with this. After 6 and a half years of acne, I learned the hard way to just leave it alone.
  5. Many of you saw me on the boards about 3 months ago on a regular basis. I haven't been in a long time so I am going to leave you with a piece of knowlege that I have learned over the years. If your acne was mild (no inflamed or VERY minorly inflamed lesioins) before you started treating it, your best bet is to just leave it alone. I have had acne for almost 6 and a half years now. It has always been at its best when I left it alone. I have used probably at least 25 to 30 treatments thus far, a
  6. Dude.. I'm gonna be straight with you, you don't have bad acne. The flakiness isn't even THAT bad either. I'm not sure what is going on at this point in your life but I have a strong feeling that more than just acne is affecting you. Your skin does not look that bad and it look as though the Regimen did good things with your skin. Chill out and quit posting so much. I hope that it is some what of a morale booster to hear that your skin doesn't look bad.. because it really doesn't. Good luck. Als
  7. Does the moisturizer have AHA (glycolic/lactic acid) in it?
  8. This is a toughy. The Regimen works... that's a true statement. However, I can almost guarantee that your acne will get much worse before it clears completely. People with mild acne who start irritating their skin with harsh medications (let's face it, that amount of BP is harsh) generally flare up worse than they would have if they would have just left it alone. It will eventually clear up (95% chance there), but you have to ask yourself if going through the hell that will be the first few mo
  9. Your face is irritated. More than likely it is going to stay irritated for a bit. There's not much you can do if if you want to press forward with the Regimen. This is honestly just how it works. If your truly committed to getting rid of acne, then stick with it. It will get better, but it takes time. Don't increase your BP dosage until the irritation starts to subside because you will only make matters worse. You can try the things some of the people here post to exfoliate, but I warn you that
  10. what would happen if you removed a flake that is still stuck on the skin? Would this cause scarring NO IT WON'T!
  11. The pimples you have were going to surface no matter what. It's too early in your Regimen to blame anything. Dan's BP is probably the highest quality BP on the market, and it doesn't leave a residue like OTS. Your better of with Dan's, but either will work. Trust me when I say this, Dan's BP didn't cause you any pimples.
  12. I personally have no used CeraVe cleanse. I do use Dan's, however. Most people will tell you that Dan's is slightly drying. I think it is to some extent, but the main reason people end up so dry is because they are generally following his Regimen which includes... *tah dah*.... benzoyl peroxide. It does a great job of cleansing and does everything a cleanser is supposed to do. No comedogenic ingredients, no irritants, paraben free. What more can you ask?