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  1. Thanks for the advice, but it was SO bad, I really just don't think I'd be able to stand doing that. Either way, it doesn't matter any more, because like I said - my skin is beautiful right now! Almost clear. Super excited! I hope this trend continues.
  2. Day 12 Oh wow. My skin is booti-ful. Relatively speaking, that is.
  3. Thanks Jenny! So, hopefully you guys will never get to see those pictures I mentioned, because earlier I was to upset by them to post them and right now, at Day 10, I think my IB is ending! While my acne is still worse than it used to be, it's no where as ridiculously bad as it has been over the past three or four days. I'm holding out hope this might be the end, and that maybe everything was put on super speed because of my super high dosage. I think, though, that I may be experiencing some
  4. Didn't think I was actually gonna do this, but, at day 6, things have gotten bad enough that I feel like I need too! I just hope it doesn't get too much worse! History of acne: I've had acne since I was around 10, and I am now 19. It's gotten progressively worse as I've had it, and I was hoping that it would just go away, but it still hasn't. Around the time that I was 12, a friend of my dad's who is a doctor subtlely hinted that I should take care of it by giving me a prescription for minocycl
  5. I just got a prescription of Accutane today. My doctor said that if I get headaches to call them right away, because apparently the medication can increase pressure in your head. So I'd give your doctor a call, just to be safe. Good luck!