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  1. Why does my skin always clear up right before I go to the derm? It's kind of annoying, but I'm never gonna complain about my skin being too good. My skin is the best it's been since 2 years ago when I got my wisdom teeth out. Last time I went to her my skin wasn't that bad either, then I got a big breakout, and now that I'm going back it's cleared up again. I still have some red marks and scabs so she can see where pimples were, but I only have 5 actives and 4 of them are tiny and the bigger one
  2. I'm not sure if it's the same, but when I was prescribed Retin A I was told that you can't use it at the same time as BP because it stops it from working. I would use BP during the day and Retinol at night.
  3. I've been trying not to pick lately too and did well for about 2 weeks, but today I gave in and popped one on the middle of my cheek because it was driving me crazy every time I looked in the mirror. I hate when I pop them and get scabs, but I also hate walking around with a pimple that's come to a head and looks like it's just waiting to explode.
  4. I've had acne for 8 years. 2 years ago my doctor told me it would probably start to go away soon, since I was getting older. He was wrong. Not everyone grows out of it.
  5. Ixips


    My skin seems to be making up for last week by breaking out like crazy this week. I have 4 big pustules on my jawline and 1 on my cheek. I've been trying not to pop or pick at my skin lately, but I just gave in and popped the one in the middle of my cheek because it was driving me crazy. The ones on my jaw I can't see as much so it's easier to resist popping them. They really hurt though, especially when I bend over and the blood goes to my head. I'm really hoping I get to start Accutane on Dece
  6. My skin is actually looking pretty good today. I only have 2 small actives on my chin and 1 larger one on my jawline. This is the week I get my period and normally I break out way more than this. I've been on Diane-35 for 3 or 4 months now, so maybe that's why. Although before when I was on it for a year it didn't seem to help much. Maybe it's just a coincidence. My skin seems to randomly clear up for a while and then get worse again, even though I don't change my routine. I remember having
  7. I don't think BHA on it's own is enough to treat acne, but I do find that it makes my skin smoother and helps my red marks to fade faster. I used to have a ton of closed comedones all over my face. I use Retin-A Micro and that helped, but when I started using BHA too they pretty much disappeared. A lot of BHA products aren't formulated with the right pH to actually exfoliate your skin so that might be why they haven't worked for you in the past. I really like Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Co
  8. I live in Canada too and have moderate acne and I'm going on Accutane. Some doctors will only prescribe it for severe, cystic acne but there are others who will give it to you if you've tried all the other options and it's affecting your life. If I were you I would try to get referred to another dermatologist.
  9. I've done it a few times. I work in a clothing store so I feel like my appearance is more important than it would be for some other jobs. I stayed home a lot more in high school because it was only affecting myself and didn't feel guilty like I do when I miss work.
  10. I've gotten them inside my ears before which seems normal since the skin in my ears is oily. But last week I got one on my ear lobe for the first time in my life and thought it was really strange. I also got one on my arm, like halfway between my shoulder an elbow. I get breakouts on my shoulders, but having one in the middle of my arm weirded me out.
  11. Like I mentioned in my last post I've had acne for 8 years, since I was 12. I went to the doctor about it when I was 14. Over the years I tried several types of topicals, antibiotics and birth control pills and none of it has had any significant effect. My doctor referred me to a dermatologist last March because nothing he tried had worked. I tried to get her to prescribe me Accutane but she wanted me to try more antibiotics and topicals before she would give it to me, since I don't have severe
  12. They're called closed comedones or whiteheads. I used to have a ton all over my forehead and cheeks but since I started using Retin-A Micro they're basically all gone.
  13. Try using a sheer foundation with concealer just on the acne. L'Oreal True Match is natural looking with light coverage, good for oily skin, and they have a ton of shades organized into warm, neutral and cool so you should be able to find something that matches your skin. Or, if you want really light coverage just use a tinted moisturizer set with some powder and the concealer.
  14. I love gel/cream eyeliners. They stay put all day even on my oily lids. Try Clinique Brush On Cream Liner, Loreal H.I.P. Color Truth Cream Liner, MAC Fluidline or Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. If you don't like the more dramatic look that gel eyeliners give (similar to liquid liner) then try setting an eyeliner pencil with an eyeshadow in a matching colour. Or you can just use the eyeshadow by itself for more of a smoky look. I like to use Revlon Matte eyeshadow in Sable.
  15. This is what I use too. It lasts well, has good coverage, and doesn't make my acne worse. I also use Almay Clear Complexion concealer and Covergirl Trublend pressed powder.