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  1. Thanks. I don't know that I'm necessarily sensitive to casein or anything, I basically gave up the whole standard american diet all at once a couple years ago.
  2. Agreed. It may or may not improve acne but that doesn't mean it alone is the sole cause and cure for acne for everyone. In fact, even some of the holistic things I've read suggest that diet only accounts for maybe a third of the puzzle of healing acne holistically. Also, there was a study among teenage boys where they ate a low glycemic diet, they had improvement in their acne, but I don't think they got completely clear with the diet. I can relate to eating too little, I have been working hard
  3. So, I've been on an anti-acne diet for years and I stick to it. The only problem I have is going out to eat. I have been restricting my social life in order to keep up the diet and avoid going out to eat. Normally, I manage to get around this by going out only on very rare occasions and only going to buffets or a place where I can eat baked chicken/fish and vegetables. I have a friend who wants to go to CherryBerry. It's a yogurt place. I am wondering since this would be a rare treat which o
  4. Did you? You could try. Just be gentle and if it doesn't work, leave it alone for a little while longer (which I know is sometimes hard to do).
  5. I think k3tchup means to avoid high glycemic foods so that would mean no pastries, no pasta, no bread, no potatoes, no white rice, etc. (some people can eat brown rice if they soak it in water overnight first before cooking it). You may already be avoiding these foods since most of them have gluten but if there are gluten free versions of high glycemic foods, it could still potentially cause problems. Differin and retinoids help some women even though their acne is "hormonal" I don't think it
  6. Man! I wish I could hug you. I've had similar thoughts, wondering why any guy would want me when he could have a woman with clear skin instead... The truth is not all girls are shallow. There may be some shallow people out there but the problem is if they are just after looks, the relationship doesn't really have much of a foundation to stand on. Look at all the gorgeous Hollywood couples, they trade in relationships faster than cars. What happens to shallow relationships solely based on loo
  7. LMAO! I'd be REALLY worried if I had that disorder as I thought I was a girl ;0) Yeah, I struggle with what's in the mirror. I think there is a physical and an internal problem for me. I am not sure I technically qualify as bdd because I don't think cystic acne necessarily qualifies as an "imagined or minor flaw". (Though it is usually only one or two cysts at a time and maybe a little bit of milder acne and a few marks thrown in). Regardless of whether or not what I see in the mirror is realist
  8. LOL. Can I have some of that money? ------------------------------------------------------------ I know this is old, but I wanted to post because I've had the same worry and thought this post might help other sufferers who might not have read it. I have had my acne flare up before job interviews and guess what?! I got the job!!!! So, surprisingly to me, no it doesn't necessarily keep you from getting the job. I was pretty clear up until 4-5 weeks ago then I started flaring up. I had two HUGE re
  9. Spiro is not the fastest working medication unfortunately. I got some literature on it from the derm that states it takes about 6 months. Quite a few women on here have had good results with it. Don't give up hope, you will find get this under control. Perhaps, talk to the derm and see if there is anything that can help in the interim, like maybe a short course of antibiotics while you are waiting for the spiro to take effect. Have you tried an anti-inflammatory diet? A low glycemic dairy free (
  10. That looks pretty mild. I actually wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. You look awesome. I know we're usually a lot harder on ourselves than other people are on us. I've seen actors on tv with much deeper scarring and they were able to land jobs as actors.
  11. I think you will clear up soon and then this will be all behind you. I'm really tough on myself too, but, how are we supposed to know what works and doesn't work until we've tried it. Just go back to what was working and know that this flare up will very likely be over soon.
  12. I think it's a good idea to try the anti-inflammatory (low glycemic, dairy free) diet for a while to see if it helps. Even if diet isn't enough to totally clear you, it might help in conjunction with other treatments. I would just go slow with the bp. If it's too much, just scale back a little. It seems like all the stories I hear about people quitting bp and their skin freaking out occur when bp is abruptly stopped after using it for quite some time, especially if there is no other acne treatme
  13. I wonder if it's not just bp. I;ve put benzoyl peroxide on open wounds before and it luckily did not leave scars. However, I had either a massive cyst or a boil (staph infection) on the side of my face 9 months ago. I really wanted it to never come back after it opened up and drained so I started putting 20% tea tree oil on it three times a day, and I never used moisturizer on that area. The infection did go away completely and never came back but I got my first scar. I would be careful about p
  14. I did the water only regimen for months on everything BUT my chin and forehead. (I continued to use cleanser and BP on those acne prone areas). Keep in mind, my cheeks/nose never had any kind of regular acne topical on them, just a cleanser once a day. Honestly, I think I broke out slightly more on my not very acne prone areas from just using water, it wasn't bad though since it wasn't a very acne prone area to begin with. I wouldn't have had the courage to stop using leave-on-overnight acne top
  15. Paul - Remember, you've got lots to offer a potential employer - creativity, photography skills, etc. Nadal - I just want to hug you. You are very brave. I haven't called in sick either. When I have a flare up, I just tell myself I'm a very brave woman and that counts more than how I look. The self-loathing I've had has really affected me. I'd never judge anyone else for their weight or skin or whatever, if I actually noticed acne on someone else I definitely wouldn't care. And I know the sel