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  2. I've managed to go a week without doing so or sleeping with my girlfriend, and to be honest, at first i didnt think it was linked, but now im pretty sure it is, as i've noticed a decrease in redness ( I dont suffer from acne anymore but do get occasional breakout) and also My facial hair is growing a lot faster, which makes sense as its hormonal... try it for a week or so people. It's hard work though.
  3. Hey everyone, Just to let you know, I have been using this great prouduct "Sudocrem" - which you can basically pick up very cheap from pretty much any shop nearby. It has worked wonders for me. Give it a try, check out my review on this great product:) Peace.
  4. try not masturbating for a week. see if your condition improves, only way to see for yourself. It will be "hard" I GUESS...
  5. Hey man, When my condition was at its worst, I thought about this all the time, which I think made it worse, as ofcourse you are stressing. What kind of treatment are you using? It's hard to break this emotional cycle of hating yourself whilst you suffer, I'm only 20 years old, i suffered from mild-medium breakouts since I was abou 16, been through some rough times, although It has never been serious compared to other peoples acne. Just glad at what i was told 4 years: "It will clear up"...and
  6. Hey, well I recommend this product alot, *SUDOCREM* it had worked wonders for me. It's cheap and effective in most cases. After popping your pimple, you could always try running an ice-cube over it for 5-10minute to help reduce redness/swelling, then apply the sudocrem. I think my review on sudocem has been approved, I went into a lot of detail about the effects of it. Goood luck
  7. Is it the anti-inflammtory dosege? It's just a basic drug used to clear up infections. As far as I know. correct me if im wrong.
  8. Hey, thought i'd make a post about this, as it has been really successful for me, and will hopefulyl be the same for you. 1) Ok, so when I see a whitehead appear, I wash my face with *Super-drugs* tea-tree foam wash (Which is a really cheap & effective product to use in this scenario). 2) Leave my face to cool down, rinse with cold water, and then pat dry. 3) After 5minutes, i will use an extractor to remove the whiteheads as they will be easier to remove after washing face. ( these usually
  9. If you suffer from redness, perhaps try a small amount of sudocrem? apply a thin layer at night. Then in the morning apply, cetaphil?
  10. Posted on my blog the other day about the sudocrem method of clearing skin. Well it has reduced all redness and my skin is clear again. I have a few very small white head-heads, that I immediatly remove when i see, (Which everyone should do). Skin is looking and feeling great:)
  11. try lymecycline anti-biotics, work more effectively. I've been on for about a year, pretty much cleared up, although i never had severe problems.
  12. Hey there, i see what you're saying, but i still see no UP side to acne. Atall. Like you said its a confidence destroyer, you can still be healthy without acne, as many people are, it's down to choice. just because people dont have acne doesnt mean they dont care about health. Perhaps you've witnessed an up side, but when i had acne, i didnt see that.
  13. There's so many myths about now to what causes acne. I wouldn't be suprised if this was one of them, in your case i have no idea. There is NO direct link that diet causes acne either, ofcourse it helps to eat healthy and drink plenty of water but my DT has reassured me that it's simply not true... I for one have no idea what used to cause my break outs.
  14. From my experience over loading your face with too much moisture is just as bad as drying it out, basically, you need to dry the spots out. so they clear up, then build up your healthy moisture in your skin again when its recovering. Luka
  15. Ye i understand how you feel its stressful and very upsettting, its just hard to help someone, when i cant see the condition, as i dont want to tell you to do something that may make it worse. Is your skin condition red and inflammed? is it sore when you touch it, and does your daily wash regime hurt atall? You mentioned your mum not taking you to a DT, but did you know there are private clinics on the internet, who can assess your acne and give you professional advice, so you dont need to see o