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  1. DerekSze

    Acne 2013

    I'm going to use this to document my progress. I've been on "the regimen" for about 2 years pretty consistently. I need something else to get me over the last hump
  2. DerekSze

    Acne 2010

    Some pictures I've taken from time to time
  3. I don't want to search through this thread, was there ever a definitive conclusion reached on this topic? Is acne correlated with masturbation? Can anyone link me to some good reading resources? Thanks! In return, this is a great article on the effects of pornography on your sex life: postmasculine.com/pornography-can-ruin-your-sex-life
  4. Going to start using this.

  5. DerekSze


    Just some pics from my life
  6. Hey everyone, not an avid poster, but I do lurk the forum. Ive been on the regimen for about 2 months now. Cant say anything bad about it, but no amazing results yet. Anyways Im going on a cruise with my family tomorrow. And my face has started drying out pretty bad over the past week and a half. So I plan to order DK's jojoba oil when I get back, but as for the 8day cruise, does anyone know anywhere I could go to tomorrow to pick up some up? Also can anyone reccomend me some sunscreen? I rea