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  1. Well to the trained eyes of two doctors, one of whom has been practicing dermatology for over 30 years, it's an epidermal inclusion cyst, not an "alien". )
  2. Actually there is web site called justanswer.com that has experts in every field who will answer any question for approx. 20 bucks. They have professional dermatologists on their and yes the web site checks their credentials and verifies their degrees. This is a credible site. I paid for two different dermatologists to look at my picture and give their professional opinion. Here is the latest response from one of the doctors that I am still communicating with:
  3. Here is what I found out, in case anyone is still following this: This was probably a ruptured epidermal inclusion cyst, sometimes mistakenly called a sebaceous cyst. What is appearing as a "hole" is actually a markedly dilated follicular opening. As far as the hole, that was the center where the plug was blocked. If this is the case, then there is no medical need and plenty of people go walking around with the hole and do just fine. It could also be another condition called Ecthyma, which can
  4. Well my health insurance has a $5,000 deductible so its hard for me to see a doctor. I googled "sebaceous cyst" and it appears as though those have to be removed surgically or with a heating pad. What type of cyst would respond to a basic OTC alcohol astringent like this one did? Thanks both of you for your advice I really appreciate it!
  5. Yes I did have to pick off the hard shell each time I applied the astringent. It wasn't very strong stuff. I got the "sensitive skin" formula in case I decided that I also wanted to use it on my face. So I should see a doctor? What exactly if your level of expertise? Are you dermatologists? Could this be a bot fly issue?
  6. A few weeks ago I noticed a HUGE lump on my back. If it was a zit then it's the biggest one I have ever had in my life. I treated it daily with an over the counter acne astringent and within a week it was completely gone EXCEPT it left a hole in my back. I've had scars before, but this isn't a scar, it's a HOLE! Please view photo and advise on what may have caused this or what action I may need to take to correct this. Thanks!